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Otep Speaks Out on What Actually Happened, “All the stuff coming that I’m saying local bands can’t sell merch…it’s all nonsense”

After a rather lengthy video surfaced online on OTEP‘s Facebook page this week where she mentioned “Local bands don’t sell tickets,” which can be read about on The New Fury and the video can be seen below. In a recent interview with The Music Room Otep spoke out regarding the recent situation with what happened in Cincinnati, The Convalescence getting kicked off the tour, and more. Otep stated that, “I love Cincinnati. I don’t have any animosity towards the Cincinnati scene, the locals or to anybody but this one promoter who seems to have been the main problem. Or even the venue. The venue owner was actually begging us or actually begging him to stop acting the way he was acting but he was not having it” in response to the question regarding the situation that took place in Cincinnati. Otep stated that the mentions of the local band sales she mentioned in her video are nonsense by saying “All the stuff coming that I’m saying local bands can’t sell merch…it’s all nonsense.” The full interview with Otep can be read on The Music Room, where you can read about everything that happen from Otep’s perspective.


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