One night, One stage, Six Artists at 92.5 XTU’s 6 Man Jam in Philadelphia featuring Charles Kelley, Eric Paslay, Michael Ray, David Nail, Granger Smith, & Special Guest Trace Adkins

On Friday night April 8th 2016 at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, 6 men and their acoustic guitars has taken the stage and walked us through a musical journey one will never forget.  Each one of them have a fascinating and unique journey to stardom that they briefly got to share during the show as well as play some of their biggest hits one at a time with nothing but acoustic guitars, keyboard, and a cajon drum. The show was split into 2 sets, each having 3 of the talented artists on stage at once. First set began at 8pm sharp with a brief introduction from the 92.5 XTU Morning Show Hosts introducing Trace Adkins to the stage with David Nail & Granger Smith also sharing the stage then after a brief intermission to reset the stage with the next group’s acoustic instruments; announced to the stage was Charles Kelley followed by his friends Eric Paslay and Michael Ray! The crowd roaring each time an artist was announced to the stage showing that these are some of country’s most popular and up and coming artists on country radio right now with special guest and living country legend himself Trace Adkins.  

These 6 artists played solo and together in what was a historical night of music in Philadelphia. Not to mention there has never been a night like this before in Philadelphia. This night was more like a story teller acoustic show, as the artists discussed their stories behind a song, how they started and got to where they are currently, etc as they also serenaded the crowd acoustically multiple times each throughout the night. These artists are country music’s best songwriters who played together for just this one night at 92.5 XTU’s 6 Man Jam for Charity, which I feel will now happen more often as this one was a huge success and fan favorite I’m sure due to how exclusive and intimate the show was that they have gotten to experience. Each of these artists have had Number One hits, and some of the most demanded artists right now in country music radio. Let’s tell you about the show featuring first performance by Granger Smith, David Nail, and the legendary Trace Adkins then the second performance by Charles Kelley, Michael Ray & Eric Paslay! 


A few notable and very memorable moments of the 92.5 XTU presented 6 Man Jam were:

 1. When Trace Adkins walked out unto the stage he received a huge standing ovation before he went into playing some acoustic tunes. 

2. David Nail’s honor of playing and sharing the stage with a legend like Trace Adkins. 

3. The Entire Audience singing along very loudly to every single song that Eric Paslay performed.

4. Michael Ray’s tribute to Merle Haggard by singing one his songs and absolutely blowing the fans away with his flawless cover of a Merle Haggard song.

5. Granger Smith’s “If The Boot Fits” sing along with the crowd.

6. Charles Kelley singing Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” with a call and repeat.

7. Charles Kelley singing with the crowd by jumping off the stage and walking the front row of fans at the barricade.

8. The story telling each artist did before their sets, about their lives, or about how they started and how they got to where they currently are with their country music artist careers.

9. Charles Kelley, Michael Ray stepping in during Eric Paslay’s “Friday Night” via their backing voices, instruments, etc.

10. The Intimacy between the fans and the artists as they were unplugged acoustic performances and the fans got to really connect with their favorite country artists on stage by listening to their stories, and singing along with them

11. When a marine gave Trace Adkins a t-shirt and Mr. Adkins thanked him for it on stage.




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