One For The Money – Escape The Fate (Song Review)

One for the money - Escape the fate (Song Review)“One for the Money” is the latest single from Escape the Fate, a post hardcore band based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The single comes off their fourth album, Ungrateful released May 14, 2013 under Eleven Seven Music. The entire music video is essentially just the band performing the song live, and the energy from the crowd is astounding; crowd surfing to circle pits, those kids are getting down. They must being doing something right since at least two girls flashed the band (which was edited for content. No boobies, sorry!). Lyrically it’s decent, catchy with the chorus constantly getting stuck in your head ‘Cause It’s one! It’s one for the money. Two! It’s two! ‘Cause two is for the show. Three. It’s three! Three to get ready. Are you ready mother fuckers are you ready let’s go!’; however it sounds more like something Hollywood Undead would produce and record and not something you would expect to hear out of Craig Mabbit’s mouth, as it has some rap undertones; especially in the verses.  The sound of the song altogether is a change from their older albums. It’s a little heavier than what has been heard on their past albums. The guitar solo by lead guitarist Monte Money is nothing short phenomenal; beautiful and flows well with the rest of the song. Sadly both of the Money brothers left the band in October 2013, reasoning unknown. In its entirety, ‘One For the Money’ is a song that will get you up and moving whether you want to or not, it will be stuck in your head the first time you hear it and you will not be able to get it out. It’s not a bad song, just something a little different; a band’s taste change and in turn so does their music production, also with their band line up changing on an almost regular basis, it’s expected sometimes things might sound different.

Rating-3.5/5:  I’m not exactly crazy about it, but it’s a good song. Musically, it’s great; all of the instruments come together to form something amazing. As stated before, the lyrics are a little weak, but it’s just one song out of eleven on the album, which I have yet to hear. Granted, the last time I listened to Escape the Fate was when I was in high school (over 3 years ago), and I adored them back then. I just like ‘One for the Money’; I’m not totally in love, yet. Some fans love it, others think it’s horrible, but in my mind it’s okay; doesn’t mean you won’t like it though. It’s worth a listen for sure! 

Listen to the song here:

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