Olivia Lane talks about “Make My Own Sunshine”, #SunshineMovement, and Artists She Would Love To Tour With

Hey Olivia, how are you doing? You recently released your debut Self-Titled EP in July. What was the writing, recording, and production process like with this EP?   I’m great! Currently out on the road and answering these questions! This…


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Posted on August 29, 2016

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Hey Olivia, how are you doing? You recently released your debut Self-Titled EP in July. What was the writing, recording, and production process like with this EP?  

I’m great! Currently out on the road and answering these questions! This EP has been in the works for about a year and a half. It initially started as a fan demand project because I’ve been playing so many shows for the last 2 years and people kept asking me where they could get my songs and I had nothing to give them. I’m really proud of this EP because I feel like I’ve really grown as an artist and a songwriter these last couple years and each song is a reflection of the sound I’m going for and who I am. It was a joyous and consuming process creating it.

Your self-titled EP includes the hit single, “Make My Own Sunshine.” Why did you choose to name the song this and what is the meaning behind the song?

I’ve always loved the commonly used phrase ‘I make my own sunshine’ because I’m a total optimist. We all have bad days but it’s up to us to turn our day around. I just wanted to write a song about the craziness of life and how sometimes the best thing to do is to laugh and smile your way through it.

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As you mentioned in your Bio, “A lot of my material is about following your dreams.” Would you say that your dreams are coming true as your music is making its rounds and more and more people hear it?

I would say yes! As a musician and any artist you work so hard on your art for a while before anyone ever sees or hears anything so when you finally put it out there and people are relating to it, it’s the best feeling in the world. In a way it makes me feel like I’m not alone here in feeling this way. Music has always been comforting to me.

You’re currently out on the road showcasing your new music to fans everywhere. What can one expect from you live performance if they have not yet seen you live?

Energy! I love to entertain and really be 100% in the emotion of the song. I dance, I run around, and get the crowd involved. When I’m at a show I want to have a blast so I try to give that to my audiences. I want one big party happening.

Your latest single “Make My Own Sunshine” has inspired you to launch the #SunshineMovement. Could you tell us about that movement and the impact it has been having on you and your fans?

There’s so much negativity that pops up on social media so I thought if I can start a campaign to promote positivity on social media then maybe some negative posts will get blocked by the happy ones! I’ve seen some awesome posts by my fans making themselves or others smile and it warms my heart because that’s what I want to give people with my music. 

As you continue to grow with your country music career, do you have anything left on your bucket list of things you want to achieve? If so, what are 2 things on your bucket list, you hope to achieve soon? 

Play the Houston Rodeo (my hometown!) and get my song playing on every country radio station all over the country (and then all over the WORLD!).

If you had to debut your music to a new fan that hasn’t yet listen to your music, what song would you choose to debut to them and why?

‘Lightning’ I think is a good representation of what I’m all about. It’s energetic, positive, and personally inspiring to me because it’s about rising above the doubters and going for what you want in life, which I’m currently doing.

If you could make a dream tour with you and 4 other artists (ANYONE) who would you choose to take on the road with you and why?

I feel like this answer will always be changing but I would probably tour with 4 totally different acts and who I respect their art and their live show. 

-Ariana Grande: I love her music and her as an artist.

-Twenty One Pilots: I am OBSESSED with their music and their live show. I just saw them in Nashville and it was one of the coolest concerts I’ve seen in a while. Their career path has been an awesome one to follow.

-Reba: She’s an icon and I would love see her perform every night. She has navigated an amazing career and I would love to ask her about everything!!!

-Martin Sexton: He’s one of my favorite artists. I’ve seen him a few times live and usually it’s just him and a guitar. He captivates me with his live show and his music so I would be so excited to learn from him. 

Being the happy, cheerful, energy filled young lady, that you are. What is some advice you can give to those who aren’t so happy to be happier with their life, and with their self?

I’ve come to a point in my life where personally I don’t care so much what people think of my personality. I’m quirky, happy go lucky and generally pretty hyper most days so if that’s not your cup of tea then go find your people and I’ll find mine. Obviously I want people to like me and my music but you can’t take yourself too seriously. If someone doesn’t like me for being myself then we just aren’t meant to be friends and that’s okay. I do things that make me happy and only hang out with people who make me feel good about myself. It’s also okay to cut out negativity and negative people in your life. Happiness is contagious but it starts with creating it for yourself and your world. How to create it? Do things that take you out of your comfort zone and get to know yourself; then be unapologetic about who you are.

Anything you wish to add to this interview that we did not mention?

Follow me on my adventures all over the country! Snapchat is my jam…@olivialanemusic (this is also my Twitter and Instagram handle). And if you like my music please spread the word to your friends! And thanks for reading!


Tour Dates: www.olivialane.com/tour/upcoming-shows

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