Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now – Chiodos (Song Review)

Ole Fishlip Is Dead Now Chiodos ‘Ole Fishlips is Dead Now’ is the first single off of Chiodos’ upcoming album Devil, which is set for release on April 1, 2014 though their current record label drk/lght records, a subsidiary of Razor & Tie. It will be released as a CD, digitally and there will also be a vinyl release. Devil marks the return of front man Craig Owens as well as drummer Derrick Frost. With this song, and album, Owens is “challenging himself on this record to sing in different ways. He’s been working on using his actual falsetto a lot instead of screaming his high notes just to bring it to a new dimension. He’s even singing lower on a lot of stuff than he has in the past.” The high notes in ‘Fishlips’ are very prominent, in Owens’ singing as well as his screaming. The sound of ‘Fishlips’ is what most are saying is what Chiodos was founded on, going back to their roots now that Owens has returned, so to speak. Many fans are referring to ‘Fishlips’ as “if you took Bone Palace Ballet and injected your favorite moments from All’s Well That Ends Well…” While the music video for ‘Fishlips’ is confusing, weird, and seemingly doesn’t have anything to do with the song at all. However if you look deeper, it does and it’s very simple; it’s representative of all the bad things that love can lead to, which makes sense considering it’s a song about heartache; “I want to forget you. You’ve broken everything I love, took all my light and turned it into dust. I regret all I gave you. You’ve broken everything I love and I can’t wait to be myself again.” All in all the song is great. Lyrically it might be a little cliché to some, but there are only so many things you can write about. Vocally you can tell the work the Owens has been putting in and instrumentally its mind blowing. Though some fans are questioning the production, wanting more kick-drum, a more defined guitar sound, and that it seems over compressed. I’ve said this before; I know nothing about music production, I’m sure there are more trained minds and ears out there that could give insight on this, but I personally think it sounds great.

Rating: 3.5/5- At first I wasn’t sure about this track. The title was weird, and the video was hella weird, but then I remembered I like weird, and I’m weird and I really sat back and listened. It’s a really great song, the more you listen the more everything begins to make sense. This has been the first single released off of Devil and I can’t wait to hear the rest. Now the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is the song title, anyone with insight feel free to share.

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