oh!no?ok. Release “saw her first”

oh!no?ok. is a band of high school friends (Ryan Osborn, Cole Miller, Jackson Ludlow, and Nick Storey) who are eager to get their music out in the world. Even though these guys have been a band for just a year, they have been putting in the dedication needed for this career path. They have already began working closely with locally-renowned producer Nate Pyfer (The Moth & the Flame, Kaskade, Sego) on music, and released their latest single, “saw her first.”

The indie rock/punk rock song is “a simple yet awkward one-sided love story in which the main character of the song asserts his masculinity and right to a relationship simply because he saw her first,” the band explains. “He wears his insecurities on his sleeve and consistently deceives himself about the nature of his relationship with her.”

Underneath oh!no?ok.’s playful sound are deeper lyrics. The band often illustrates society’s thoughts that are often avoided, such as the insecurities and depression that people feel. According to Ryan, their music is, in part, a commentary on issues humans have struggled with.

Those issues include “entitlement, pride, drug abuse, video game addiction, online persona management, and idolization. The primary theme is how we often take the first step in recognizing that we struggle with these issues, but we lack the motivation to actually fix our problems,” says Ryan. “This results in us being hyper aware of our flaws but feeling powerless to improve ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to share our message and passions with the masses.”

If you’re into a 90’s punk rock sound that’ll get you moving, be sure to stay tuned for oh!no?ok.’s debut album, randy warhole (or somethin), available in 2020.

Listen to “saw her first” below:

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