Ocean Hills Release Music Video for “Death Or Liberty”

Ocean Hills (Zoli Téglás, Peter Lukacs, Reinder Oldenburger, and Daniel Szebenyi) is an alternative/hard rock band whose music is aimed towards being both uplifting and inspiring, and their latest single, “Death or Liberty,” is a perfect example of that. With this track, the band expresses the act of sonic rebellion and defiance, giving us an “it’s us against the world” type of mindset. According to Zoli, “Death Or Liberty” is about “never giving up, and to just keep going, no matter the obstacles.”

With lyrics like, “We don’t have to take it / No we don’t, “Tear the system down,” and “Hop on the flag pole / Let the freedom ring,” the words hit close to home with everything happening in the world lately. With “Death Or Liberty,” these guys are bringing some hope to the world, while motivating people to stand up for all the GOOD things in life.

The music video for “Death Or Liberty” was set in the desert around environmental cautionary tale Salton City, where the scenery looks like an apocalyptic future, matching perfectly with the song’s lyrical content. As the band performs the track in Salton City, viewers see meteors crater the Earth and tear down windmills, along with anything else that may be in its path.

Ocean Hills’ lead vocalist, Zoli, has fronted the legendary Misfits and Pennywise and has acted in major Hollywood productions like Terminator: Dark Fate and The Alienist. While most might change their ways, Zoli has always remained true to himself and his callings. Some of his other “callings” consists of being a tireless advocate of animal rights and environmental protection.

Check out the music video for “Death Or Liberty” below:

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