Now Endeavor Release Music Video for “You Know Me”

Now Endeavor (Just Pete and Thom The Disco Spider) are two Detroit songwriters and vocalists who have created their own brand of pop, which includes a mic of soul, hip-hop, classic rock, and electronic blues, R&B, and even a little modern jazz. But they also keep their lyrical content REAL.

Heroism sometimes isn’t recognized, and many things in life are taken for granted. That’s why with Now Endeavor’s single “You Know Me,” the duo expresses how they want people to have some more patience, “because the long-term effects of daily bravery can be hard to see.” Change doesn’t always happen instantly. Nobody knows what the next 24 hours will bring, let alone the next 24 months. A good deed done today may cause the sort of reverberations that reshape an entire world.

With “You Know Me,” Now Endeavor expresses their faith in the power of benevolence. “Do something positive today, and you might be surprised by the rewards you’ll reap tomorrow.”

With the track being less than three minutes, these guys managed to send a clear, focused, and uplifting message to stay on your toes and remain open-minded, because life changes fast. When watching Now Endeavor’s animated video below for the track, viewers meet the duo’s animated counterparts. Within the video, they stay as optimistic as possible during challenging times, and learn a meaningful lesson.

Watch the music video for “You Know Me” below:

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