Nonpoint and P.O.D. – Payable On Death filled the Music Box in downtown San Diego on Saturday November 17, 2018 with aggressive beats and positive vibes. There is no better pairing than these two multicultural, genre-defying legends of rock. Both bands remain at the top of their game, and each are touring behind their 10th album.

Nonpoint released “X” in August, another masterpiece featuring “Chaos and Earthquakes” and “Dodge Your Destiny”. The latter provided lead singer Elias Soriano the opportunity to share his 3 Options with the hyped-up crowd. 1. Fists in the air. 2. Bodies in the air. 3. Bodies in the pit. No matter which option you choose, the music flows through you and forces you to move your body. The new songs blend perfectly with their extensive back catalog, and the only complaint was the set was too short. Despite being in the game for over 2 decades, the entire band headed straight to their merch booth to give hugs, take selfies and sign anything their fans wanted. These are great guys who love what they do, and don’t mind sharing that love.

P.O.D. released “Circles” the day before the show, and the hometown crowd got to celebrate its release, as the Chula Vista boys from the Southtown played 5 new tracks for their San Diego family and friends. They opened the show with “Soundboy Killa” and “Rockin’ With the Best”, two new tunes that amped up the entire building while delivering the message that P.O.D. paved the way and is still leading the charge. “Always Southern California” was a standout, with everyone singing along in appreciation of SoCal life. Much like Nonpoint, P.O.D. had people constantly spinning in “Circles”, simultaneously a metaphor for being stuck in life and a celebration of the never-ending circle pit. They ended with their latest single, “Listening for the Silence”, leaving everyone present exhausted and uplifted in spirit.

Nonpoint tour dates can be found, HERE. | P.O.D. tour dates can be found, HERE

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