Rising pop artist, Noah Cyrus has been spiraling into impressive amounts of success since the launch of her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” featuring Labrinth in 2016 and the success levels have only risen since the release of that debut single. From touring as support for Katy Perry on the Witness Tour, her appearance at Coachella for the second year in a row (joining Alan Walker for “All Falls Down” this time), Her first headline show in Los Angeles at the Troubadour which sold out in just minutes, and her songs currently conquering radio stations worldwide.

However, Cyrus currently riding on the success of the release of her debut EP, Good Cry, which came out just a few days ago on September 21st via RECORDS/Columbia Records and is currently out on her U.S. Good Cry Tour in support of this debut EP effort. Currently on week one with shows selling out rapidly along the tour route, Cyrus is no stranger to success as she has already performed her debut single on the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2017 and has been working hard, becoming a pop superstar sensation. We had the opportunity to sit down with Noah Cyrus to discuss her debut EP, Good Cry, and the tour, check out what she had to say below.

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You’re currently out embarking on ‘The Good Cry Tour,’ which just started on the 22nd of September in Fort Lauderdale, FL. How has this tour been going so far for you?

Yes, this tour has been amazing, My best friend Maty Noynes is opening for me, she is incredible. The tour has been awesome so far, it gets better every show because the EP is out another day and the fans had more time to learn it. It has been amazing, I am really really excited about it. I am playing Nashville tomorrow, my home town so it’s gonna be really really fun.

What can fans most look forward to from The Good Cry Tour?

It is a very personal setting, It’s really cool cause I feel like you can really connect with the fans on this tour. We’re very close and I don’t know, it’s just like hanging out with my fans kinda in little clubs and stuff. I like to describe it as my sad girls dreamworld almost like when you walk in there are trees on the stage and my big halo on the stage and everything like that. It is kind of like a safe world for an hour.

What inspired your stage design of the halo with the tree scattered amongst the stage?

Honestly, I just said that I wanted it to feel magical whenever you walk into the show, I love being outdoors and I feel like the little halo stands for like a Saint almost and It was just kind of where my creative designer Sam made a fun set design. We came up with this and was like yo that’s sick and I didn’t see it till the first day of tour and it turned out exactly how I pictured it and it’s perfect.

This tour is in support of your debut EP, Good Cry. Can you tell us a bit about the songwriting, recording and production process of this debut EP?

It was created over like a year or so, I didn’t know that I was going to be creating the Good Cry EP until it was finished and I was like oh these songs are amazing and we should put out an EP called Good Cry and I came up with everything right then and there and I was just like lets roll with it. I already had all the songs, and last minute before the EP came out I made “Topanga” and that was my last song on the EP, it’s like a one take track and its made from a voice memo and it is a very personal song and I basically wrote it for someone. It is a long story but I basically made the EP over the course of a year.

When writing this EP, were there any influences that heavily inspired the lyrics? 

Just my life, and my relationship that I was going through at the time. And mentally what I was going through and stuff like that. It is a really really personal EP.

It has been said in other interviews by you that a lot of the lyrics on this EP are about you suffering from different forms of Anxiety and Depression in your life, For fans that are currently suffering from depression and anxiety, how would you suggest that they’d cope with that and how do you cope with that?

I am lucky enough to be able to seek help for it whenever I am in LA, so I obviously like talking to somebody about it. It is just something you should always do, is be able to talk to someone about it. But my fans and I always talk about breathing techniques that help you whenever you are getting anxiety. Or like things that I do to like keep me from having anxiety attacks and things like that. Me and my fans always talk about things like that with each other especially during our meet and greets and things like that, we always talk about whats going on in our lives with each other and stuff like that. So, It’s been nice to be able to get close to my fans like that because it’s hard to develop a relationship over the internet so we make sure to DM each other and keep in touch with each other and actually hold a relationship with each other.

Out of the 6 songs on the debut EP, Good Cry, which 2 songs would you say mean the most to you and what is the meaning behind them?

I would say that “Topanga” and “Good Cry” are the two that probably mean the most to me. “Good Cry” was about me at kind of an all time low and just feeling really helpless and hopeless. Then I would say “Topanga” cause that is just a very honest song. I mean not a lot of people talk about soap in their songs *laughs* and stuff like that but yeah that song is very very personal and I just wrote it and recorded it on my phones voice memos and then I sent it to my A&R Jenna and I was like Yo I want this song on the record but I don’t want to rerecord it, I want it to just be the phone voice memo. It makes for a unique sound and its just a very personal record and that one means a lot to me.

You have several collaborations out with artists like Labrinth, XXXtenticion, Max, LP, Lil Xan and your latest single “Mad At You” with Gallante. How do you put these collaborations together or is it just a spur of the moment type of thing?

Usually, I will just picture someone else’s vocals. Like for “Team” I was like oh this sounds like a MAX record, like MAX’s voice would suite this best, it’s all a tone thing. Like oh this song reminds me of LP so I am going to get LP, “Mad At You” this sounds like a soulful Gallante record let me get Gallante. So, I was friends with LP, was friends with MAX, became friends with Gallante through the record and getting him to sing on my record. Yes, That is how I get them, it was all based on tone and tones that I have on the song already. I was like who would sound good on this tone and that’s how I found every feature.

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What was it like growing up in arguably one of the most successful families in the music industry comparable to The Jacksons’ as there is really no other family out there that almost everyone in their intermediate family is a world renowned musician? How do you apply what you learned growing up with your dad and siblings creating music into your music?

Oh! Thank you, for me it felt normal, cause growing up it was just my normal childhood and my normal life. But I definitely think I carry a lot of the musical influence that my family has given me into my music and I think that they have all inspired me like from different artists that my dad has shown me to. All of my siblings being as amazingly talented as they are. There’s so much different musical inspiration. That’s helped me through my music from my family.

You’re ‘Good Cry Tour’ makes a stop in Philadelphia on October 3rd at the TLA on South Street, What are you most looking forward to about performing in Philadelphia for the first time? (Grab tickets HERE for Noah Cyrus’ Philadelphia show)

I have performed in Philly a lot but I am going to get some good food there. Cheesesteaks is what is going through my head, I’m like hmm I’m going to get some cheesesteaks. I like to also come back to cities you don’t get to goto a lot that you do not goto regularly, so I also have some friends in Philly that are going to come to the show and stuff like that so I have a lot to look forward to at the Philly show.

When putting the ‘Good Cry’ Tour together, how did you go about building your setlist and choosing what covers you wanted to throw in each night? I’ve seen some covers on the internet like your cover of Hozier’s “Take Me The Church” which sounds amazing and is very fitting for your voice. 

I do the same covers each night and it is just covers that meant a lot to me. That were like covers that were actually songs that made a difference in my life so I am doing that. I am playing songs that actually have a meaning to me. I love Hozier and I love his song “Take Me To Church” and I remember listening to that song before it blew up on the radio and it got huge on the radio and it feels like became one of the biggest songs of our time. He’s back out touring and has an incredible EP out too.

We do a segment on our website called ‘Mayhem Moments,’ where we ask musicians to briefly detail a time in their career that they would call a moment of mayhem, whether it be good or bad. What would you say was a moment of mayhem in your career and what happened and how did you overcome this?

Um, probably when I made a joke about selling my tears for $12,000 *laughs* That was just a thing but it wasn’t really a moment of mayhem at-least I wouldn’t say I had a moment of mayhem but I definitely know people has some stuff to say about that. Let’s say that the internet had a moment of mayhem. I personally don’t think I had a moment of mayhem yet.

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Anything else you like to say to your fans and where can they find you online?

Yeah, I love getting to know your guys on Instagram and Twitter and stuff but I hope to see you at a show on the Good Cry Tour.

Find Noah Cyrus online and listen to her debut EP, Good Cry below:
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MadAtYou/Spotify
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MadAtYou/iTunes
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/MadAtYou/AppleMusic
Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/MadAtYou/Az
Stream more music from Noah Cyrus: http://smarturl.it/NC_Spotify
Instagram http://smarturl.it/NoahCyrusIG
Facebook http://smarturl.it/NoahCyrusFB
Twitter http://smarturl.it/NoahCyrusTw

Noah Cyrus’ ‘The Good Cry Tour’ Dates:
Wednesday, September 26th – Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN
Friday, September 28th – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
Saturday, September 29th – The Big E – West Springfield, MA
Monday, October 1st – Irving Plaza – New York, NY
Wednesday, October 3rd – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Friday, October 5th – Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
Sunday, October 7th – House of Blues Chicago – Chicago, IL
Monday, October 8th – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Wednesday, October 10th – Granada Theater – Dallas, TX
Thursday, October 11th – House of Blues Houston – Houston, TX
Saturday, October 13th – Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
Tuesday, October 16th – The Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, October 18th – House of Blues San Diego – San Diego, CA
Saturday, October 20th – August Hall – San Francisco, CA
Monday, October 22nd – The Neptune Theatre – Seattle, Washington
Tuesday, October 23rd – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, Canada
Wednesday, October 24th – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR

Get tickets for The Good Cry tour: https://www.noahcyrus.com/tour

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