No Bragging Rights – Concrete Flower (Album Review)

The Concrete Flower  is the 5th studio album from California quintet No Bragging Rights released September 23rd, 2014 via Pure Noise Records. Beginning with “Strength Through Struggle” and ending with “Damage/Repair” the album is very intense and in your face for it’s duration! Two songs stood out on this album, both of them back to back; “Right Minded” and “Bottoms Up”. Lyrically, “Right Minded” is amazing. It’s kind of simple but it really drive the point home, which the last verse sums up perfectly; “Oh now I want your violence, front and center at a rally or protest. To swing back, in defense of the helpless, to be the muscle in a positive movement.” As far as “Bottoms Up”, it really speaks to me on a personal level, having gone through a similar situation to the one described in the song.

Rating 4/5- I’d never heard of these guys before, I’d heard of them but never any of their music. I’m glad to say that they have earned a new fan! Something about their lyrics just seem so real to me; not watered down or sugar coated. The intensity of each track is amazing as well. All around a great listen, be sure to pick up your copy today!

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