NF is currently embarking on his highly successful sold out ‘The Search’ Tour in support of his latest No. 1 album, The Search, which quickly went to No. 1 upon its release in July. Bringing his explosive live performance into Philadelphia’s most premiere venue, The Met Philadelphia, which was sold out in just a few weeks of on sale in anticipation of seeing the rapper who went from “nobody to kinda famous” as he tells fans in his latest single “Leave Me Alone.”

Launching the show with a visually stunning opening of the title track “The Search” to the album and tour, from behind a white curtain that covered the entire stage before dropping as the beat drop to the song unveiling NF and his signature black balloons, the squeaking cart and jail cell as Nate joined the hyped crowd at the end of his walkway. Not taking a minute to slow down and continuing to showcase his No. 1 album with more songs from the album powering through the energetic angsty “Leave Me Alone” before going into the worship choir-like chorus “Change,” “My Excuses,” and “My Stress” before giving fans a tease of music from his previous album, Perception, with “My Life.” The song was one of the four songs on NF’s setlist that are not from his latest album, The Search, as this tour he is showcasing why the new album is a No. 1 record as fans scream every lyrics back to him live and fans supported it fully as they adore the new record.

NF’s 90-minute set heavily showcased his latest album, The Search, which dives deep into his personal experiences, battling depression, fame coming so quickly for him and the troubles that it brings with it, the struggles with his moms addiction/overdose in 2009, his relationship with his dad, and the recognition that he has received for his music which is heavily influenced by the pain he has endured throughout his life. NF brings every raw emotion on stage as he unlocks the cage of his many emotions through his music that fans can relate to, lyrics that discuss different forms of mental health and issues that Nate has dealt with throughout his life. NF a.k.a. Nathan Feuerstein brings a unique energy to the stage that only he can bring, an energy that comes from inside Nate, giving fans more of an experience then a concert, giving a visual to his songs live. NF didn’t miss a single note of his rapid fire raps throughout the entire show, all whilst giving a high energy, raw, powerful performance that fans will not soon forget and will leave them craving for more.

This tour just like the album, is the hottest thing in music right now. You do not want to miss out on ‘The Search’ tour which is an experience in itself to see NF’s raw emotions come to life on stage. Due to the shear amount of fans who are anxiously wanting to see NF on the road, he just added more tour dates to his sold out ‘The Search’ Tour, adding Leg Two to the tour to give fans another opportunity to see him live, CLICK HERE for more information.


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