New Found Glory & Yellowcard Prove POP PUNK IS NOT DEAD with SOLD OUT Philadelphia Show

Two of Pop Punks biggest and best bands New Found Glory & Yellowcard; Combined together to make one of the BEST tours of the fall/winter. By the time Yellowcard took the stage, it was clear that every nook and cranny was filled…


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Posted on October 25, 2015

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New Found Glory / Yellowcard Tour 2015Two of Pop Punks biggest and best bands New Found Glory & Yellowcard; Combined together to make one of the BEST tours of the fall/winter. By the time Yellowcard took the stage, it was clear that every nook and cranny was filled with excited fans, people filling even the balconies on the second floor. An electric excitement buzzed through the crowd for both Yellowcard and New Found Glory, as fans reminisced about past shows and Nostalgia filling the room. Rewind to the early 2000s – both New Found Glory and Yellowcard were at top of the alt rock charts and all over the MTV scene with songs such as “All Down Here from Here” and “Ocean Avenue”. Both bands still have a very loyal following, and their live shows are better than ever and one you want to see especially a show where they are co-headlining. This tour marked the 1 year anniversary of both Yellowcard’s “Lift A Sail” & New Found Glory’s “Resurrection” which both have been very successful.  Yellowcard erupted from the darkness like each member was individually shot out of a canon and on to the pair of risers at the foot of the stage. The platforms served dual purposes: They were great props for posing, jumping, and gymnastics as Yellowcard is a very energentic band that loves to move during every second of their set! Frontman and lead singer Ryan Key and violinist Sean Mackin took advantage of them the most. Mackin was especially mobile, doubling as the hype man, cheering on the crowd, getting them pumped when he wasn’t busy providing the band’s signature violin sound. Sean Mackin puts on his own show for the crowd from doing backflips off the drum riser to singing directly to fans along the front row. Ryan Key, lead vocalist of Yellowcard who had been on vocal rest for being sick sung better than I have ever heard at this sold out show. As Ryan himself mentioned “It’s not a Yellowcard Show unless you go home without a voice!” and the crowd did just that singing along to every single word all night long! During their set they started a “Let’s Go Flyers” Chant which got the crowd even more amped.  Like always Yellowcard ended their set with the forceful and energentic “Ocean Avenue”, In which the entire room sang & danced along to every word. Yellowcard then pumping up the crowd by saying “It’s gonna be MAYHEM when New Found Glory hits this stage so get ready.” Overall Yellowcard has been around for a long time and I believe are currently at the height of their career and only will continue to go up to the top.  Then a 45 minutes waiting period while the stage hands set up for NFG.New Found Glory then took the energy Yellowcard filled the crowd with and blew the roof off of The Beyond Capacity Electric Factory.  As part of their intro, they flashed all of their album covers on a giant video screen as if to remind the crowd what they were there for. It was hardly necessary. The moment they appeared on stage, the crowd went crazy. Vocalist and human-jumping bean Jordan Pundik responded accordingly. The crowd belting out his songs back at him, it didn’t take long for Pundik to abandon the stage, which was obviously not big enough, and crawl into the sweat drenched, waiting arms of the audience. In between songs, New Found Glory spoke nostalgic, thinking back to their own childhood which was mainly spent attending rock shows. New Found Glory are a great and highly energentic live band with alot of humor as well throughout their set for example during their set a fan threw a shirt on stage in which Jordan put on to appear as a diaper or when a fan threw a bra on stage and he put that on as well. Nearing the end of the set Tiger Jaw’s own Brianna Collins joined NFG on stage to sing with them. Chad seen that a fan in the front row had been singing along to every song throughout their set and as NFG does at every show. Chad brought him onto the stage and asked what song he wanted to hear that wasn’t on their set list. Jason (the fan brought on stage) said he wanted to hear “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania,”  They performed the entire song together. Jordan then told Jason “Thanks for bringing back 1999 for us” as he wrapped his arm around him. This had to be the (fan) Jason’s most exciting moment in his life. It was an extraordinary moment of the show that really stood out well that was until “My Friends Over You” where the crowd exploded and used every last bit of their energy as well as NFG brought out a maybe 6 year old girl in which she sang along to every last word of the song. There was crowd surfers consistently floating through the crowd throughout the entire song which is only obvious if you been to a NFG show. As the exited the stage the was left hungry for more of YC & NFG and I think it is easy to say this is pop punk’s tour of the fall/winter! The tour is quickly selling out – if it hasn’t hit your town yet pick up your tickets ASAP.CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY!

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