Nevada Rose – Paint Me in Light (Album Review)

Paint Me in Light is the debut album from New Jersey natives Nevada Rose. Combining electronic dance hooks with hardcore, metal and pop, this album is, to put it simply, mindblowing! The album was released June 17th via Tragic Hero Records and is currently available for purchase and download.

I’m sure you’re thinking ‘how can you combine all those genres and have it not totally suck?’ Believe me I thought the same thing; on paper the idea seems extremely odd, but holy shit they bring it all together in a fantastically ass-kicking way! From heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and electronic dance breaks (well…you can dance if you want, it’s not a requirement), this album is amazing. It combines the best of almost every genre out there today! This leaves the question…can I marry this album?

Fan reception for the most part has been nothing short of positive. People are loving it! Granted there are nay-sayers here and there, but you can’t please everybody! I can see 2014 as a huge year for these boys, can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Rating: 4.5/5- Amazing album, amazing sound I can’t say enough good things about this album! Though I was a little disappointed that when I googled these guys no pornstar has taken the name Nevada Rose yet, it’s a perfect pornstar name (maybe it should be mine. Desperate times my friends). All joking aside, I really enjoyed this album, it was a mixture that when I read it it seemed like it would sound like complete garbage, but I was pleasantly surprised. I highly suggest you give this album a listen and give these boys a chance. I can see they’re gonna go far.

“Paint Me In Light” available now!!

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