Nelly; Photo Courtesy of CMT YouTube
Nelly; Photo Courtesy of CMT YouTube

Nelly Teases New EP Featuring Collabs With “The Ladies Of Country Music,” Plans To Move To Nashville

Nelly teased a new project featuring collaborations with only the women of country music. He also revealed he plans to move to Nashville in the near future.

The St. Louis-based rapper recently released his highly-anticipated country-influenced EP, Heartland, featuring a star-studded list of collaborations, including Darius Rucker, Kane Brown, Florida Georgia Line, Breland, Blanco Brown, Jimmie Allen, George Birge, Tyler Hubbard, Chris Bandi and City Spud. As you can see the list of collaborations is all male country artists, however, that was purposefully done as he recently told Country Now that he plans on releasing a part 2 featuring only women of country music.

In the interview with Country Now, Nelly revealed that he is working on a new project which will only represent the women of country music in the male-dominated industry.

“I’m going to give you a little exclusive insight on something. This album here, we’re looking at the first part of a two-part series,” the “Lil Bit” singer told the outlet. “If you look at this one, there is no female representation on this album. So, part one was me with the guys, and part two will be with the ladies of country music.”

Nelly continued, “the women of country…they are fierce. When I am with the guys, we are kegging, beering, trucking, smoking and hanging out. I’m going to have to bring my A-game pretty much when it comes to dealing with the ladies because they are not going to play around with Nelly. They are going to bring it, and I am definitely looking forward to it.”

The Diamond-selling artist’s goal on the forthcoming new project is to shine a spotlight on the women of country music. “That’s my vision of the goal, and that’s why we are really stoked and really pleased that people gravitated to Heartland so much, because it allows the total vision to be possible.”

The singer also has plans to relocate to Music City in the near future and he’s already on the hunt for a place in Nashville.

“I’ll tell you… I am real estate hunting in Nashville,” Nelly also revealed to Country Now. “I think I’m more of a downtown Nashville kind of guy. I wouldn’t mind taking up a whole floor of one of the buildings somewhere.”

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