Natural Born Leaders Are A Must-Add To Your Fall Music Playlists

We absolutely adore when a band cannot be boxed up into one particular genre, giving fans of every genre across the musical landscape something to enjoy and that is just what we have discovered when checking out the latest release “Abominable Creatures” from North Carolina genre-bending quartet Natural Born Leaders. They most definitely have a brilliant future ahead!

Natural Born Leaders flawlessly blend together elements of hip-hop and soul, jazz and blues with a dash or two of rock n’ roll to create a sound that is incredibly unique and very much their own. The six tracks that make up the “Abominable Creatures” album flow together perfectly and we can certainly see this group’s music staying on our favorite playlists for many years to come.

You can tell that this group was very careful about which songs they chose to make up “Abominable Creatures” as they all carry an empowering message that speaks to the listener about standing up for what they believe in and never giving up on their dreams. Each track can stand out on its own and vocalist/ songwriter Michael Martinez’s delivery gives them all a very revolutionary and anthemic feel.

Standout tracks include the blues-inspired “Voodoo”, the incredibly catchy title track “Abominable Creatures” and our personal favorite “Guerilla Glue”. Natural Born Leaders are a band that most certainly should be on your radar this fall and we certainly very much look forward to additional tunes from the group in the near future.

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