Sometimes you want a break from music and to get stuck into a video game instead
Sometimes you want a break from music and to get stuck into a video game instead

Music’s Role In Enhancing Gaming Experiences

Music has always been a strong element of gaming. Whether it’s a simple jingle when you start a game, the happy noise you hear when you win, the disappointing noise when you lose, or the multi-million-pound soundtracks that are a key element of your favorite video games.

How much attention do developers pay to the sounds and music of their games, though? With the development of high definition and high-quality computer and phone screens, visuals on games have become hugely important but do they take advantage of new sound technology?

The sounds of online casino gaming

Many of the casino games you play online feature a variety of jingles for when you win. Going to one of the many live roulette games, you will be reminded of the simple sound of a croupier spinning a roulette wheel.

If you go to play online bingo at Paddy Power, you will hear different sounds depending on the games you play. For example, on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Slingo game, you will be taken back to those legendary episodes of the classic game show that has been hosted by Chris Tarrant and Jeremy Clarkson.

Perhaps slot machines are more your thing? Online slot machines are an extremely popular game type with hundreds of virtual machines available to play online. The sounds of the machine as the symbols appear on screen are just as exciting as they are in-person.

Replicating the sounds of a real casino or bingo hall.

The iconic casinos of Las Vegas and beyond are often highlighted for the sounds as much as their sights. It’s not unfeasible to imagine that developers of online/virtual casino games have tried to incorporate this when developing/producing games.

The sounds you hear playing games online will take you to a land-based casino or bingo hall. The video below shares some of your favorite sounds from different casinos.

The Centurion Bingo game, for example, contains some of the sounds you’ll hear when playing bingo in a land-based bingo hall, as well as those that may have been heard in Ancient Rome society.

Music in video games

Music has always been a key element of video games, the soundtrack in most games attempts to immerse you in a virtual world. One of the most widely known examples is the soundtrack of the Halo series. The music and sounds of the Super Mario series are equally iconic.

To conclude, how important is sound in gaming?

Within the wider video games industry, many have argued that sound and music is extremely important. It creates an immersion that many developers spend ages trying to perfect. Within casino gaming, developers place huge importance on replicating the sound of a casino or bingo hall.

The constant development of technology and the strive for developers to create more immersion in their games means there will always be an importance placed on sound.

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