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Musicians React to We Came As Romans’ Kyle Pavone’s Death

Today (August 25th), The music industry just got even smaller and lost one of the alternative scenes favorite vocalists, Kyle Pavone. Musicians have been remembering the late Pavone across their social media platforms and you can see some of them below.

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Tonight was for you buddy @kylepavone ❤️

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We first hung out while our bands were on different tours in the same city, so your whole band came to our show and we partied until morning. Whenever we were home at the same time, I would come to Detroit just to hang. One of my few band friends I would go out of my way to see off tour. You brought me into your circle when mine was dwindling, introduced me to people I still call friends. You took me to my first and only Red Wings game knowing full well I didn’t really care who won, but I loved it anyway; just like you would talk my ear off about every team and player and coach like I knew what the hell you were saying, but I let you because your passion for sports was so amazing to see. We barely had anything in common other than the fact we were in bands, but we still somehow stayed up countless nights talking until the sun came up. You introduced me to your brother, Conner, my best man, business partner, and now lifelong friend and brother. I don’t listen to electronic music or dance, but that didn’t stop me and Conner from KILLING the dancefloor whenever you would DJ. I will never be able to repay you for all of the goodness you brought into my life, and I could write a novel about all of our good times. I will cherish every moment we shared. I will miss you dearly. I love you, Kyle.

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