Musicians Opposed To Bullying Lives On To Fight Bullying

Founded in 2011 after Brandon Bitner committed suicide, Musicians Opposed To Bullying has taken on the task of offering hope to today’s youth who are victims of bullying. Courtney Campbell started the movement after being deeply affected by Brandon’s passing. Campbell, a nurse, photographer and music fan, believed that the music industry is a force to be reckoned with when they rally behind a cause

Traveling around the country Campbell was able to secure video messages from some of the greats in the industry and give a platform to up and coming artists as well. Prior to her passing in December of 2015 Courtney asked friends to keep her legacy alive and the movement continues.

Today, Musicians Opposed To Bullying is active and seeking PSAs from bands in all genres. The goal has become to bring hope to as many young people as possible by allowing them to see their idols in a way they may not have seen prior. The messages are powerful and the kids are responding positively.

In the upcoming months the site will feature some of the biggest names in the up and coming music scene today. Along with those artists, M.O.B. has many lesser known bands offering support. This movement helps the bands as much as the kids as it leads more fans to their music.

Musicians Opposed To Bullying has partnered with other organizations and business in the effort to eradicate bullying by bringing the message to the fans. Courtney’s dream was to make this a worldwide movement and to end bullying for good. Those that carry on her legacy are determined to make this a reality.

If your band wishes to help stop the epidemic and offer hope to the hopeless please visit and contact M.O.B. at [email protected]

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