Music Slot Games Live On with Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and more

Near the start of the millennium, an incredible revelation took the gaming world by storm. In 2005, Guitar Hero hit the shelves to give people a new way to enjoy huge tracks, to play instruments, and to play video games. The innovative design of the guitar-controller coupled with many real songs made Guitar Hero a force to be reckoned with in gaming circles. But over the next five years, publisher Activision oversaturated its own market of these music games, leading to the close of the studio in 2011.

Since then, few developers have dared to be as embracing of music when creating video games. There are a few mobile games which mimic the iconic Guitar Hero gameplay, but for the most part, the gaming genre died. Luckily for music fans, there’s an ever-competing gaming market which strives to reach every corner of fandom to be as appealing as possible to all.

There’s no denying that the vast game libraries, often counting close to 1000 games per site, of online casinos are the most appealing factor of these iGaming websites. Players are almost certain to find a slot game or classic casino game in a theme that they love – be it something general like the Wild West or something more specific, like a famous band. It’s here that music slot games have made a huge comeback, with a diverse selection of branded and general slots on offer at casinos such as Casino Room, which is particularly popular in Canada. So, let’s check them out!

Games from bands you love

The best way to appeal to people is to deliver something familiar that they already enjoy. Practically all sectors of gaming tap into established fan bases by creating branded games as the logos and images of those brands earn instant intrigue among fans. This is also true of online casino gaming, in which the developers are regularly striking licensing agreements with popular films, series, and bands to make exciting slot games for fans.

One of the greatest events of music licensing for online casino gaming was the NetEnt Rocks Tour, which saw them sign up three huge acts: Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motorhead.

While Motorhead fans are excited about their new remastered single, they can also enjoy their classic tracks while playing the slot, as can Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses fans when playing their respective official slot games.

Another great move was from Play’n Go last year, who teamed up with Swedish heavy metal band Candlemass to co-create the slot game House of Doom. Candlemass fans had been waiting for ages for a new track, so the band and the slot developers teamed up to make an interconnected game for their new EP, to make the launch an even bigger event.

Just sit back and enjoy the tunes

Not all of the music games online require a license to deliver an enjoyable experience, though. If you’d love to travel back to a time surrounded by flower power and old-school stereos, The Groovy Sixties will send you wild. For fans of bling, the gangster lifestyle, and rap music god Snoop Dogg, Pimped brings the heat. Slot game regulars will know that the lucky leprechaun is one of the most familiar characters at online casinos. So, if you’d like to combine the Irish creature with some seriously rocking riffs, check out Rainbow Ryan on the main stage.

Along with the likes of Banana Rock, Grim Muerto, and Karaoke Party, there are plenty of branded and non-branded music games at the online casino to excite fans of all genres.

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