Music Festivals: Why You Should Attend and Some of the Most Popular Ones

Attending a music festival is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, especially with the music festival scene reaching epic proportions in the United States. From the first U.S. rock festival in 1967 to the modern-day Coachella and the ever-popular South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival; these events have always attracted droves of fans and revelers. But what is it that keeps music lovers coming back for more, year after year? Well, here’s a look at some of the reasons, and also some mentions of the most popular music festivals in the U.S.

The Advantages of Attending a Music Festival

These festivals occur throughout the U.S. and will grant you the opportunity to explore many states. In fact, it’s the perfect traveling opportunity. You’ll not only attend the festival, but you can turn your travels toward the destination into an unforgettable, adventurous road trip.

You’ll also be able to listen to music live; an experience far greater than when you listen to your favorite artist on the radio. There’s also the possibility of forging great friendships, as you’ll be bonding with people who like you, are passionate about music.

Attending a music festival can also be seen as a form of escapism where you get the chance to get away from the norms of society and just unwind and be yourself. It’s therefore a great tonic if you’re in need of some down time.

Also, if you’re always on the lookout to try something new, this is definitely it. You also won’t be just listening to music, as there are loads of other activities on the site of these festivals. Some of these include water activities and enjoying different foods sold there.

Some of the Most Popular Music Festivals in the United States

The Coachella music festival has been growing in leaps and bounds, as it sells out faster each year. Located in the Indio desert, this festival sees the gathering of some of the best bands, enjoyed by the coolest celebrities. This festival is usually the talk of the town and tickets are highly coveted.

The SXSW festival showcases the latest bands, films, as well as talks on everything trending. It’s held in Austin, Texas and has taken the state by storm. Festival fans from all walks of life worldwide usually attend this festival.

This festival is also a great networking opportunity. However, credential prices and attendance numbers are rising, and so has the cost of attending this festival. In fact, the SXSW has become hipper, richer, and larger.

That being said, if you’d love to attend but are concerned about hefty expenses, the solution may be as simple as checking out sites such as to try your hand at some entertaining online gambling. Who knows, you might just win the lottery and pay for all your friends to attend the SXSW festival.

The Electric Daisy Carnival Festival is held in Las Vegas yearly and is also enjoyed outside the U.S. Here fans can enjoy a large selection of electronic music. The venue is rich in neon décor and tons of rambling artists.

The Ultra Music Festival also forms part of this growing list of popular U.S. festivals. It’s held in Miami, Florida and is often referred to as the best show for electronic music by both local and international fans. The festival also presents a range of some of the most revered DJs of all time.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was first held in 1970. The festival holds a special place in the hearts of those who love the culture of New Orleans and jazz. The Afropunk Fest takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and Brooklyn, New York. It began as a DIY movement and is now one of the globe’s most popular cultural statements.

Afropunk Fest currently brings in 60,000 attendees and honors black culture. You can also find a mix of activism and artistic expressions here.

The Desert Daze Festival takes place on Moreno Beach, California. This festival has often been referred to as the premier psychedelic music event in the country. The location here is certainly tropical, and you can take in the sound of your favorite artist surrounded by palm trees and sea breezes.

The Stagecoach Festival takes place in Indio, California. This festival features some of the best and largest names in country music. The festival is also largely attended by celebrities. The Electric Forest festival takes place in Rothbury, Michigan and features a large selection of electronic DJs and bands.

You’ll be in your element here if you’re a nature lover, as you’ll be surrounded by the forest and all the eye-catching colors that accompanies that. You can also watch shows from various stages there. Some of the artists featured before included Seven Lions, Tierra Whack, and Bob Moses.

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