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Music Festivals Aren’t All Doomed for 2021

As a musician or someone looking to get into the industry, it is important to think outside the box and consider all the possibilities. The live-music industry has taken a major hit in recent times, but it is important to keep optimistic about the possibilities that might present themselves.

While many of us were looking forward to the CMA Festival this year, the news that they have canceled has come as a major disappointment. However, don’t despair. There are other festivals that have been scheduled and which we can look forward to.

The State of the Music Industry

The music industry has taken a major hit in the last year, with an estimated loss of over 2 million jobs and losses of $150 billion in sales and services across the creative industries in the US. Sales in physical records dropped by around 20% last year and there has been a major shift in the way music is consumed. We have seen a massive loss of revenue due to the cancellation of large events in particular, such as music festivals, and a shift to local, smaller events.

Not all bad news

It is not all bad news, however. Streaming services have recorded growth of more than 20% and we are now seeing news about the return of music festivals. You can now start planning for those festivals that have confirmed they will take place and get ready for some sense of normality in the way we consume and engage with music. We are all desperate to not only listen to live music but also bring back a sense of what we had, before the pandemic changed our lives – and there is nothing more celebratory than a whopping, loud and fun festival. Here is a list of a few that have been confirmed and which you might want to consider.

Outside Lands is scheduled to take place in San Francisco in August, 2021. One exclusive piece of insider information is that the lineup includes Tame Impala, Tyler The Creator and Khruangbin. Primavera Sound is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain in June.

Although global travel is still only just opening up, this is definitely one festival you will want to make the effort for. With the Gorillaz and Jamie xx on the lineup, it is considered one of the best music festivals in the world. If you are going to go big, this might be the one to get you back into the swing of things.

What you can expect

While we all want to get back into large crowds and dance the night away, things will look different when we do get back out there. Venues and organizers will have to put in place measures to ensure COVID-19 safety. This could include things like hand sanitizer, mask requirements, temperature checks and maybe even making sure there is tech available to check COVID-19 status of those attending large events. There will be a continued use of gigs and festivals streamed over the internet, in a similar way to how casinos have moved online, with lucky nugget being an example of that.

However, this is not going to last forever, and we will get back to some sense of normality. While many musicians have moved to streaming and alternative means to connect with their fans, industry insiders are sure that live concerts and events will return soon because there is just nothing that can replace the live-music experience.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train heading this way.

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