Motionless In White Reincarnate Their Fans With An INCREDIBLE Sold Out Show at TLA

Motionless In White - Chris Motionless Cerulli PHILADELPHIA, PA — Since forming Motionless In White in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 2005, this Gothic-inspired metalcore act have captivated audiences with their aggressive music style and horror themed attire but nothing could prepare audiences for their third full-length album Reincarnate, which is an album that truly defies categorization and establishes them as one of the most exciting horror filled metalcore music acts today. As the candle lit stage fluttered with the sparks of the melting candles that melted upon the Amps center stage, and the black lit chandeliers upon their backdrop just as the Sold Out crowd within the TLA began chanting “Motionless, Motionless, Motionless” just as the instrumental of “Death March” flooded through the venue as tour drummer Vinny Mauro obtained his spot behind his SJC drum kit which was marked with Rockstar Energy Drink’s logo upon a dark grunge themed background. Then Devin “Ghost” Sola dressed as The Chainsaw Massacre complete with what appeared to be a real chainsaw roared onto the stage, Josh Balz on his Keyboards/Synthesizers on a lift, Ryan Sitkowski on lead guitar, Ricky “Horror” Olson on bass and backing vocals, & of course Chris “Motionless” Cerulli on lead vocals taking control of the TLA for the final night of the highly successful Beyond The Barricade Tour. Chris Motionless CerulliMotionless In White very interactive with the crowd filling the TLA beyond capacity with no space to move other then within their intense circle pits which was constant throughout their entire 16 song setlist which felt like it was so much longer with a song for every fan to love rather you have been a long time fan or a new fan from their recently released Reincarnate! During “America” Chris Motionless commanded the crowd to chant A-M-E-R-I-C-A and they did just that with a deafening response from the audience continuing into “Everybody Sells Cocaine” before Chris pausing for a quick talk stating “We’ve been coming to Philadelphia for as long as we were a touring band. You supported us since we were fucking nobody. Philadelphia we need you to make some fucking noise for yourselves right now as we grow together and this next one goes out to all those fans who have been coming out to see us for all these fucking years! Sing It So I Don’t have too” before exploding into “Abigail” with Spencer Charnas on guest vocals ripping through the song with Motionless In White. “Ladies & Gentleman we’ve wrote this next song just for you. I need you to do something for me repeat these 4 letters after me D-E-A-D” before hitting the notes for “Dead As Fuck”. Chris Motionless has a unique talent to be able to hit high notes along with hitting very growl like screams throughout their entire set which is very impressive. Chris Motionless proved how adept he is at switching from melodic to demonic vocals on the flip of a hat. Then Performing “Du Hast” (Rammstein Cover), “Break The Cycle”, “Unstoppable”, before welcoming Ashley Costello to the stage to do some guest vocals on “Contemptress” which had the crowd going wild, Chris and Ash seem to have a very good stage presence together and put on one hell of a show. Ending their set with “Immaculate Misconception” before exiting the stage as it faded back to the dark candle lit stage. The crowd then chanting “One More Song” before MIW come back on the stage for an encore and a brief thank and story from Chris Motionless about each band on the tour then ending with one final song “Devil’s Night” which ended with Chris jumping into the crowd to thank each and every fan close enough in arms reach. Concert goers were crowd surfing to the stage, singing along, interacting with the band members on stage, and creating an all-around unique experience in which music physically connected everyone in attendance. Motionless In White is a band you need to see live as they put on an incredible set and sometimes sound even better live then they do on their CD’s which is quite impressive as its usually the opposite.  What a way to close a tour out then with a SOLD OUT Hometown show for Motionless In White’s incredible Beyond the Barricade tour along with several other sold out dates. Motionless In White showing they aren’t slowing down but they are speeding up and they will continue to rapidly grow. Check them out on the upcoming summer tour with Slipknot! 

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