Motionless In White – Reincarnate (Song Review)

‘Reincarnate’ is the first single and title track off the third studio album from Motionless in White. The album is set for release September 16, 2014 via Fearless Records. Currently, the band is without a drummer as Brandon Richter left, on good terms, in late February. Motionless in White currently has a touring drummer, and the drums on the album Reincarnate were “recorded by a close friend.” The track, from my understanding, is out of the norm for Motionless in White; as in it’s being referred to as ‘soft’ or ‘mainstream’ by some fans. However, many fans are embracing the change in sound! The way I would describe the style would be Breaking Benjamin and Marilyn Manson’s musical offspring.The balance between clean and unclean vocals is great, just enough of both!  All in all, it’s a good song. I was expecting not to like it, I’d never listened to Motionless in White before and wasn’t sure what I was in for with this track, however I can say I am pleasantly surprised and I can’t wait to hear more  from the album.

Rating 4/5: Like I said I’ve never listened to Motionless in White before, I’d only seen photos of them and people talking about them. However now I can say that I’m interested, and anticipating to see how the rest of the album turns out. They’re honestly not a band I’d have checked out on my own accord, aesthetically I’m just not into them (which I know is shallow, but maybe I’m jealous because their eyebrow game is stronger than mine), but I’m glad I had this chance to listen, and I plan on checking out some more of their music!

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