MOM Clothing Presents: K ON THE ROAD with ESCAPE THE FATE (Photo Gallery) Week 1/5

It’s so surreal being on this tour. As a metal screamer, I grew up watching Craig jump off of speaker stacks when he was in Blessthefall, in like 2008! I looked up to him as a vocalist, obviously, and wanted to be just like him when I got into my own band. If you had told me back then that I’d be working with him eight years later on tour, I’d call you crazy. I started shooting bands in 2013, in Perth, AUS, and heard rumors time and time again that I wasn’t good enough to go on tour or that I’d never get anywhere. Instead of hanging up my camera, I kept shooting, almost daily, because I wanted to make those voices of doubt that had started to creep into my head, stop. I went on my first tour in the fall of 2014, but this year has been my first year of almost non-stop touring! I’ve never been more excited and grateful for an opportunity. I have to thank the legendary Erik Ron for making the connection between myself and New Years Day, who happened to be touring with Escape The Fate in March of this year. I ended up selling merchandise for ETF and NYD that tour and instantly became a part of this touring family. I love what I do and I hope it can motivate photographers around the world to keep pushing themselves creatively and mentally. The possibilities are endless if you just stop thinking and start shooting.– @KTheFemaleScreamer Follow @KTheFemaleScreamer on Instagram to see more of her photos and Video Updates from her tour with Escape The Fate! Come back next week for Week 2 in Photos! www.MusicOverMatterClothing.comHUGE Thanks to @KTheFemaleScreamer & @MomClothing for making this Tour Blog happen! |

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