MOD SUN’s Visually Stunning Music Video For “Amnesia” Includes An Avril Lavigne Cameo

MOD SUN shared a visually stunning music video for a fan-favorite track called “Amnesia” and it features a cameo from the pop-punk princess herself, Avril Lavigne.

The singer previously admitted that “Amnesia” is one of his favorite songs that he’s ever written, the track appears on the deluxe edition of his latest effort, Internet Killed The Rockstar.

MOD, best known for his anthemic tracks and creativity, co-directed the music video that follows a pop-punk super fan who is building an art collection that focuses on him. The clip opens with MOD and Lavigne graveside, picking up where the “Flames” music video left off, also paying homage to his “Karma” and “Bones” music videos. MOD and Lavigne are seen holding hands talking while standing in front of a tombstone that reads the new of his latest album, Internet Killed The Rockstar.

“Machine Gun Kelly always tells me that I’m the art, so why don’t we make a video that’s me being the final art piece,” MOD explained in a press release. “I wanted to make a video about an art collector, the biggest MOD SUN fan in the world and they have been collecting every piece from MOD SUN that they can get and the final piece is MOD SUN himself. I was making this and wondering when does this world of collection stop? Does it only stop when you actually collect the person? Is that the end goal? That’s what I made this video about.”

In addition to directing the video and showcasing his creativity, the video also allows MOD to shine as a true superstar and multi instrumentalist as he is seen playing drums and singing throughout the clip.

Additionally, MOD’s deluxe edition of Internet Killed The Rockstar features eight new songs including acoustic renditions of “Flames” and “Karma” as well as the album’s original track list. The powerful 19-track record shares insight into MOD’s decade-long career and allows his authenticity to be put on full display.

Watch the music video for “Amnesia” above.

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