Mike Shinoda Shines at Sold Out Intimate Post Traumatic Album Release Show

Mike Shinoda brought a very special sold out performance to New York City’s Gramercy Theater to celebrate the release of his solo album, Post Traumatic, which came out on June 15th. Launching his set with a Fort Minor song titled “Welcome” before going right into “Place To Start” which was one of the first songs released off Shinoda’s debut EP release in late January and had the fans singing along almost immediately, Continuing with another song off the debut EP titled “Watching as I Fall.” Throughout the slightly over an hour evening, Shinoda performed every song off of his EP and album, Post Traumatic, and fans absolutely adored the performance and definitley showcased their loyalty by singing every word back to Shinoda at times hearing the fans louder than Shinoda.

The emotional part of Shinoda’s set would definitley include his performance of Fort Minors’ “Where’d You Go” and more so during his performance of Linkin Park’s “In The End” in which the crowd sang out Chester Bennington’s parts making for a very bone-chilling moment. Nearing the end of Shinoda’s set a fan shouted out “Make Chester Proud” as he held up a sign that read the same, in which Shinoda later got from the fan and showcased upon a mic stand on stage, giving fans a few moments to grieve his loss while hearing some Linkin Park tunes.

Post Traumatic is an incredible album that allows Shinoda to not only mourn the loss of his best friend and bandmate but also allows him to express his feelings and showcase to fans his most vulnerable times and how he is trying to begin moving forward. Aside from Shinoda’s signing earlier that day at Looney Tunes Record store and his debut live television appearance on Jimmy Fallon, this show was New York’s first opportunity to see Shinoda live performing his new album.

This show really allow Shinoda to help fans grieve with the fans on the loss of the beloved Chester Bennington, and interact directly with the fans while performing fan favorite songs by Fort Minor, Linkin Park, and of course hearing Shinoda’s new solo album in full. Other notable highlights from the sold out evening with Mike Shinoda would include one-of-a-kind mash-ups including “Waiting For The End/Where’d You Go,” “Over Again/Papercut,” and “Good Goodbye/Bleed it Out.” Another mention would definitely include the live debut of his new song I.O.U. which was added to the setlist by Shinoda at the last minute and was completely unrehearsed but was one of the best moments of his set and a great song that you need to hear performed live as the energy during the song is just so raw and unfiltered.

Shinoda’s show this evening at The Gramercy Theater was definitley a huge stepping stone for Mike Shinoda’s solo career and a once in a lifetime experience, that all fans in attendance will always remember. It is still unsure what the future of Linkin Park holds but it is without a doubt known now that Mike Shinoda’s solo career is just beginning and we are super excited to see what the future hold for Shinoda as it seems it will be a very bright one as his career continues to grow and shine as the talented individual that he is. After Shinoda’s encore songs, he graciously signed and took photos with nearly every fan in attendance that evening which made for a very special moment for fans there, who were some of Shinoda’s most loyal fans.

Make sure you pick up Shinoda’s album, Post Traumatic, now HERE.

Check out photos from the show below:

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