Mike Shinoda; Photo Courtesy of Twitch Livestream
Mike Shinoda; Photo Courtesy of Twitch Livestream

Mike Shinoda Addresses Future Of Linkin Park: “There’s No Tours, No Music, No Albums In The Pipeline”

Mike Shinoda recently addressed the future of Linkin Park during a Twitch livestream on Friday, April 22.

During the stream, Shinoda was asked about the future of Linkin Park and shared that the band has no plans to release music or tour anytime soon, but did tease that something “very, very minor” is coming from the group, but didn’t go into detail what that is.

“Here’s a piece of Linkin Park news… That… Umm… well, how do I… I don’t want to spoil anything… It’s very, very minor, let me put it that way,” Shinoda said, as he tried to find the words to say.

After stumbling over his words, Shinoda shared, “The only Linkin Park news that I have for you is that yeah we talk like every few weeks, I talk to some of the guys, and there’s no tours, there’s no music, there’s no albums in the pipeline okay? So, let me just tell you that… just keep in your minds that is not happening… I’ll tell you that sounds like… I’m just going to say that much.”

Shinoda continued to tell the thousands of viewers watching on Twitch that he treads lightly when it comes to speaking about the band’s future as he doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up or tease something that isn’t.

“I say that because anytime the band says anything or does anything, everyone tries to start up the hype train and we’re like no, no, no don’t start the hype train, you’re going to disappoint yourself so don’t do that,” Shinoda added.

Linkin Park Haven’t Performed Together Since 2017 Or Released New Music In Years

Linkin Park have not performed together since 2017, when the surviving members of the group honored their late singer, Chester Bennington, with a star-studded tribute concert in Los Angeles.

In 2019, Shinoda took to social media to clarify rumors that the band was looking for a new singer to replace Bennington, which is not true.

“Let me clarify a rumor, we are not looking for a new singer and if it were to happen organically, I would be open,” Shinoda explained. “Seems pretty clear, yet I guess some folks have a pretty hard time understanding. I’m not into predicting the future, the future will happen.”

The award-winning rock band haven’t shared any new music since the passing of Bennington except for the anniversary edition of their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was released in 2020. And according to Shinoda’s livestream on twitch, they don’t seem to have plans to anytime soon.

Additionally, Shinoda was recently named as the Community Innovation Advisor for Warner Recorded Music, where he will work with Warner Music’s leadership team to help shape an “artist-centric approach to Web3.”

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