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Michael Labelle Talks A Skylit Drive, Their New Album & Crazy Tour Stories

So you’re a new member, how is it being in A Skylit Drive?
It’s been great really. I’ve been listening to these guys since high school so joining a band that I’ve always looked up to its been really great. Every show that we’ve played so far is really good.

So how did you get to be a part of the band?

I sent them an email in December, I think, when they were looking for new members and I sent them some demos, I sent them a few covers of their songs then they asked me to fly out to North Carolina to record the new single “Within These Walls” and then fly back home for a month then flew out to shoot the music video and practice and then hit the road and we’re here now so… its been crazy since December.

What made you to do an acoustic rendition of Rise?
I can’t really say anything about that, I wasn’t involved in the process of Rise: Ascension but I know that the guys always wanted to do some acoustic stuff so they thought that doing it with Rise was a good idea so they took a good portion of the songs off the album, made them acoustic.

Any crazy, funny tour stories so far?
Nothing so far, we basically play, load up, talk to fans for a little bit then we just fall asleep, its crazy. Pretty sure we’ll have a good crazy tour story when we come back in town.

Is this your first time on tour?

Big tour like this, yes. I used to play in a Canadian band called The Reverie and we’ve done a couple Canadian tours, nothing too big but yes this is the first tour that I’m on.

How do you guys keep your energy up?
We usually hit the gym before shows when we can, if it’s available. We’re always driven to do something even better everyday so we get our work out on, eat a lot of protein, a lot of carbs, a lot of energy and we just hit the stage.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?
I’m going to say, “Wires…and the Concept of Breathing.” It’s probably one of the oldest songs that these guys have written and the kids go crazy every time we play it. It was the first song that I heard.

What’s your favorite part about touring?
Just playing every night, I’ve always wanted to play in front of people every night since I was thirteen when I picked up my first guitar and being able to do it, playing in front of people every night, meeting different people every night and hanging out with people who are now my best friends, who I didn’t even know who they were in December. Just the tour itself is awesome. Everyone is so passionate about the music, about what we’re doing so there’s no negative energy in the RV; we all get along really well.

Who are your biggest influences?
I would say Motionless in White, Fit for a King, Northlane, and The Word Alive.

Could you tell me about the upcoming new album.
We just released the new single to introduce me and Brandon to the band and give it a little more extra push because the last metal core, I guess you can call post-hardcore song we released was the album Rise which was in 2013. We’re currently writing the album, hitting the studio really soon, it’ll probably be out before 2016.

What’s your favorite ASD album?

Favorite ASD album would probably be the first one, Wires…and the Concept of Breathing. I heard it in high school, played it through all of high school and it’s great. I love every song off of it.

How long have you been playing guitar?
For eight years now, & screaming for six years.

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