Memphis Mayfire shows their unconditional love for their fans on the Unconditional Tour!

Memphis Mayfire shows their unconditional love for their fans on the Unconditional Tour!The Unconditional Tour made its stop to Philadelphia PA at The Trocadero on March 4th 2014. This tour had an amazing lineup of bands. The night started off by waiting in the long line that filled a few city blocks of fans awaiting to enter The Trocadero Theatre to see these amazing bands perform. As the lights went dim, Beartooth entered the stage to began the show with a rather calm performance unlike their usual monsterous sets where they crawl around on the floor & go wild on stage, although as their set was ending it got more wild then it was when it started. Hands Like Houses were next up on the bill with their very bright lit stage, making for amazing photos of the band. Hands Like Houses then got the crowd singing, Their was a girl on the barricade crying & singing her heart out to Hands Like Houses during their set. Their performance was amazing, as i have never personally seen them live before, both of these bands are bands you want to go out and see if they come near you!  A Skylit Drive up next, Michael Jagmin (Vocalist of Skylit Drive) entered the stage with no lights on him but present with a massive flashlight, lighting up the crowd giving the feel as if they were searching for someone as they performed their hit new song “Crazy” when entering the stage, getting the crowd up & moving for their set. A Skylit Drive is a very up beat performances & high energy shows. Michael Jagmin used almost every inch of the stage during their set running around singing his heart out. Next to hit the stage with a VERY HIGH energy performance, The Word Alive. The Word Alive is a very photogenic band if you ask me. Also they put on an amazing set with a very inspiring feel to it. Telle Smith (Vocalist of TWA) Jumped into the crowd at one point to tell some guy in the crowd he seen hitting a girl how it is, as he then proceeded back onto the stage to tell the crowd “F*ck up his life tonight, guys should’nt be hitting girls” which I personally thought was SUPER awesome of him to do being on stage im sure they see crazy stuff happening like this daily & im glad he points it out & trys to stop these things from happening. Thank you for that Telle. As their set was nearing to end Telle climbed up to the balcony of The Trocadero Theatre & jumped into the crowd who caught him & crowd surfed him back to the stage. You should definatley go out & see these guys perform live if you get the chance to they are awesome performers & very fan friendly.  Memphis May Fire entered the stage with their very dark set for photographers but a very amazing lightshow for the fans in the crowd designed by their Tour Manager Sam Simmons! He did an amazing job designing their set. I could not help but to sing along during Memphis May Fire’s set as they’re awesome live just as good as their cd’s. They played a song off their new album “Unconditional” called “No Ordinary Love” which it seems the fans already knew every word to the song and it was only released for about 2 weeks at the time. Since Kellin Quinn was not present on this tour, A Skylit Drive’s Own Michael Jagmin entered the stage to sing Kellin’s part of “Miles Away” which I must say blew me & the crowd away as Michael’s vocals sounded almost exact as Kellin’s. They ended their set with their hit song “Legacy” which is one of my personal favorites. The Unconditional tour bands definitley showed their fans their Unconditional love for them! Amazing tour to see.    

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