Russell Dickerson; Press Image
Russell Dickerson; Press Image

Mayhem Moment: Russell Dickerson

Let’s face it, even the most highly successful music artist had to start somewhere! Every performer, singer, songwriter, or musician likely began pursuing their dream after being moved by a real-life experience.

Plenty of artists got their start after attending their first concert, while others found their passion following the purchase of their first full-length album. Some artists even had to climb the ranks, oddly enough, by digging ditches for extra cash to find their way to playing on stage in front of thousands of people. Meanwhile, others have stood in giant crowds to see bands play on stage before ever hitting the road on their own.

After paying his dues and learning the ins and outs of the business, though, country superstar Russell Dickerson has been able to make a career out of what he loves to do! And, he can now reflect on his journey and see how far he has come.

Luckily, for readers Music Mayhem has decided to go back to where it all began for Dickerson, and find out some of the biggest moments that have helped shape him into who he is today!

Check out these cool first-time experiences that have made an impact on Dickerson throughout his life.

First album purchased: Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits

First concert you’ve attended as a fan: This is not country at all, but Hanson (laughing). My cousin came into town, and she brought all her cute friends, and I definitely. Definitely invited myself to the concert to hang out with her cute friends.
First Musical Inspiration: The first musical inspiration, I think Garth Brooks one hundred percent. “Friends in Low Places” back in the day, karaoke machine when I was like 4 years old.

First musical memory: My first musical memory honestly was probably that, singing “Friends in Low Places” in my little whitey tighties and cowboy boots and into the karaoke machine at my aunt’s house. Singing a drinking song at 4 years old.
First show you ever played: The first show that I ever played. I think that would be, actually at my hometown fair in Union City, Tennessee. I got a, I guess it was kind of a sympathy show. They let me come play at the county fair there. And I mean, we prepped and prepped and prepped, and it was, you know, a good turnout, but it’s, you know, that was just kind of learning the ropes there in my hometown.

First celebrity or musician crush: First celebrity crush was probably the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate & Ashley). I had the calendar and everything.

First Job: Yeah, my first job was at a Home Décor store. I was 15 years old, and my parents let me drive by myself down the street to this job. Fun fact. And then I worked at Chick-fil-A. My pleasure

First song you’ve ever written or released: The first song I’ve ever written I think was “Zero to Sixty,” and that was on my first EP.

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