Mayhem Moment: Alexandra Kay

Let’s face it, even the most highly successful music artist had to start somewhere! Every performer, singer, songwriter, or musician likely began pursuing their dream after being moved by a real-life experience.

Plenty of artists got their start after attending their first concert, while others found their passion following the purchase of their first full-length album. Some artists even had to climb the ranks, oddly enough, by digging ditches for extra cash to find their way to playing on stage in front of thousands of people. Meanwhile, others have stood in giant crowds to see bands play on stage before ever hitting the road on their own.

After paying his dues and learning the ins and outs of the business, though, viral TikTok star and creator of Coffee Covers Alexandra Kay has been able to make a career out of what she loves to do! And, she can now reflect on her journey and see how far she has come so far.

Luckily, for readers Music Mayhem has decided to go back to where it all began for Kay, and find out some of the biggest moments that have helped shape her into who she is today!

Check out these cool first-time experiences that have made an impact on Kay throughout her life.

First album purchased: Jackson 5 Greatest Hits

First concert attended as a fan: Green Day

First musical inspiration: Garth Brooks

First musical memory: sitting in the gym at my high school watching this girl sing misery business with the rock band. That’s when I knew I wanted to do this for real.

First show I’ve ever played: it was at The Moose Lodge in Cahokia IL with a cover band my mom used to follow called Under Cover. I was 16 I believe and I sang Kerosene by Miranda Lambert in the wrong key.

First celebrity/musician crush: Nick Jonas

First job: McDonalds

First date: I went to the movies with a boy in 7th grade.

First song you’ve ever written or released: it was called Perfect Song and I released it in 2012 after joining my first band. We were called Last June.

First time you felt you made it: looking up at a billboard with my face on it in Times Square. Best feeling in the world.

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