Matt & Kim have a party on the 2nd sold out night at Terminal 5

I don’t know if I would even call Matt & Kim’s second sold out show at Terminal 5 a concert. Usually, there’s a structure to concert that I’m pretty sure you’ve seen. The conventional fan usually pulls out their phone recording what is happening to them. I’ve seen only a few bands command so much attention that fans are just free from technology and let the music take control of them. If you aren’t familiar with the layout of Terminal 5, there are three floors. Venturing throughout, all I saw was dancing and giving the energy back to Matt & Kim. Correction; a Matt & Kim show is not a concert, it’s a party.Matt & Kim came back as home state heroes as they entered their highrise stage starting with “Overexposed”, off of 2012’s Lightening. If you have ever been one of these shows, you will recognize the spontaneous breaks that happened. The artists played a cover of R Kelly’s “Ignition” and DMX’s “Party Up. There was also some funny banter going on between the two as they joked about 50 Shades of Grey. The two-piece band played songs off their recently released album like “Hey Now” and “Can You Blame Me?”. Before the encore, the crowd favorite, “Daylight” was played and their trademark confetti peppered the entire venue. There were still some from the night below. It’s amazing that two people can conjure up energy like a full band. Matt toughed out the show as he had fractured a finger. There has been a stretch where Kim has had broken bones, but still played. It only shows a testament to the devotion that the band has with their fans and that was well on display. Full Photo Gallery:!PHOTO-GALLERY-MATT-AND-KIM-at-TERMINAL-5/c1cvg/555ca16d0cf21fee13a27adePhotos & Review By: Murjani Rawls (

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