Maroon 5 premiered a video teaser ahead of their Super Bowl LIII halftime show, hinting at the inclusion of the SpongeBob Squarepants’ iconic “Sweet Victory” song, in which fans petitioned to include Spongebob Squarepants that quickly obtained over 1.2 million signatures and after the passing of their creator, Stephen Hillenburg.

Just a few days after Hillenburg’s passing, fans exploded on the internet with a petition on calling for the NFL to play “Sweet Victory” during the halftime show of February’s Super Bowl. Just two days after the petition went live, it has already earned over 65,000 signatures. The song comes from the “Band Geeks,” in which Spongebob and the gang venture up to dry  land to perform during halftime at the Bubble Bowl.

Neither the NFL nor producers at Nickelodeon have confirmed if SpongeBob will or will not have a presence during Super Bowl LIII’s halftime show or if the snippet of footage in the above video is a nod to the viral petition. The version of “Sweet Victory” that aired in SpongeBob was performed by a guy named David Glen Eisley. Unfortunately, Eisley probably won’t be playing the halftime show no matter how many signatures this petition gets, but we may get to see Spongebob take the stage with Maroon 5.

Check out the teaser video below:

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