Makes My Blood Dance Release Music Video for “Sick As Our Secrets”

Makes My Blood Dance (Evan Russell Saffer, John “Wicked Witch” Polimeni, and Carlos “CK1” Gordillo) have only been a band for a year and a half, but they know how to have a good time through their wild and diverse music!

Even though they’re a new band, they know exactly who they are and what they want to do with their music. They uniquely took disco, glam, electro-pop, AND metal music, and mixed it all together. After all, metal and EDM are both styles of music that can get a crowd moving, which fits perfectly for the band’s high energy on stage.

Their music sounds fun, but lyrically the band addresses a lot of important issues such as uncertainty, fear, connecting with others, fitting in, and finding your true self. Makes My Blood Dance wants to have a good time with their music, but they also want to be able to start a social discussion and bring issues like addiction, cruelty, and violence to a deeper root where it can be understood and surpassed.


Their newest single, “Sick As Our Secrets,” discusses how our vices come back to haunt us on a daily basis, that love is the only true connection, and that we have to face our fears in order to learn about who we are. But there’s also a message of hope. We’ve all got secrets that make us sick, but we’re not alone. The band wants people to know that just because the world’s having a rough time, it doesn’t mean we all have to as well.

“We believe in unifying people, that music heals and changes molecules and there is always help if you ask for it,” says Evan. “We bring that vibe and energy to all our shows and encourage our fans to meet others and share it with them. We love people, we love music, we love to network and bring the vibrations higher.”

With lyrics like, “Take a number I believe, nobody’s cruel, but everyone is suffering,” the band expresses how everybody hurts. We also connected these lyrics to bullying, because as we all know, most people are mean because they’re getting picked on too. It’s a perfect metaphor to show that even the bully is hurting too.

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