Makes My Blood Dance Release Music Video for “Power Of The Lightside”

Makes My Blood Dance (Evan Russell Saffer, John Polimeni, Filia Luna, and Alan Zaparoli) CAN NOT sit still. With nonstop singles and live shows, they continue to share their unique mix of metal, disco, glam, and electro-pop music. And with their latest single, “Power Of The Lightside,” the band shows their sleazy side, but still manages to convey a song that gives off a sense of hope, triumph, and empathy to their fans. The track is about transfiguration, dropping all the junk in your life, and starting to shine.

Recovery is not always the go-to topic for a “party type” rock n’ roll band. There’s just too much self-reflection required for that, that many don’t want to express to their audience. Most just want to show how fun they are, but that there’s more to Makes My Blood Dance than just fun music to dance to.


“Life is suffering. Almost every day I’m uncomfortable in some way shape or form, and I really don’t have all the answers. I’m uptight, OCD, angry, and all sorts of other character defects,” says Evan Russell Saffer, lead vocalist and founder of Makes My Blood Dance. “I’ve learned the “Power Of The Lightside” comes to me most accessible within a spiritual group with other people that are supportive, loving, and available. That’s a place where I can transcend all that junk and be the best version of myself. Every person is different. You can only do it for yourself because only you know what you need, which means in essence, you have to do it for yourself. No one else can give you happiness or fulfillment.”

For Evan, his support system is his Guru and other spiritual teachers, his band, meditation, friends, family, fans, exercise routines, and recovery groups. It’s the power of connection that helps him get out of the suffering and see things more clearly.

That’s why Evan made the visuals in the video for “Power Of The Lightside” accompany his personal story of survival, but keeps it enjoyably chaotic, rather than making it sad. The message of the track is to know that life can be about what comes AFTER the fall, and not just the fall itself.

Watch the music video for “Power Of The Lightside” below:

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