Major League Talks There’s Nothing Wrong With Me & #DTW10 Tour Highlight

You’re currently on the Discovering The Waterfront 10 Year Anniversary Tour with Silverstein, How’s that been going for you guys so far?  It’s a great time, All the bands are super nice. We are playing some cities that we played…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on February 27, 2015

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You’re currently on the Discovering The Waterfront 10 Year Anniversary Tour with Silverstein, How’s that been going for you guys so far? 

It’s a great time, All the bands are super nice. We are playing some cities that we played before and seeing a far amount of people that are coming back that we’ve seen before so that’s really cool.


What has been a highlight of this tour so far? 

Honestly, We had a great time in San Diego and then that night we stayed at shawn’s (He Plays in My Iron Lung). We stayed at his house and we ended up going to Tijuana Mexico with us and a couple of the guys from Hands Like Houses and My Iron Lung. We went down there had a couple drinks which was really cool. I never been to Mexico but its literally right over the border down there but its still technically Mexico and we all had a great time. All the drinks were really cheap so we had a great time.


Your album “There Is Nothing Wrong With Me” is out now, Could you tell me what the inspiration is behind the title of this album and the albums artwork?

The album artwork sort of came along with the name of the album, We had the name of the album There is Nothing Wrong With Me because Brian and I seem like Psychiatrists in the past and things like that. The process of that and just growing up and all that sort of stuff we just came to realize that no matter what your issues are that their isn’t anything actually wrong with you. Then with that came the idea of putting the artwork as the Rorschach test (Ink Blot Test). Psychologist kind of thing and we seen example of a test and we thought lets add some cool colors into and everyone can find their own picture within that. We then had our own little samples to choose from and we thought that one looked the best.  


The lyrics do seem very personal, deep, & matured within this album compared to previous releases, Lyrically speaking what does this album represent? 

Well Brian writes all the lyrics but I know from previous interviews that he said this is the first record that he is the lead vocalist on and that he finally has the opportunity to really say them exactly how he wants them. I think thats what really is different now that we have Brian singing and he is really able to express himself within the lyrics he has written on this album. He’s now able to really display everything that he wants to within all of his words. 


This being the first album with Brian on Vocals, how would you say the fans reaction has been with this band change?  

Its been great, We all feel more comfortable on stage and I think the crowd seems more comfortable watching us. It just seems like it flows much better then anything before.

How were you hoping this album would impact the fans and what was your ultimate goal when releasing this album?

The ultimate goal is to hopefully have as many people as possible to enjoy the album. We all enjoy it and we went into the studio and did what we wanted to do we didn’t really have anything going in saying this is what we want to sound like on this album. So I mean our end goal is that we wanted to write an album that we were proud of and everybody listening can enjoy the album also.


What would you say the best song or your favorite song off this album is? 

“Just As I Am”, is probably my favorite song because its so different and its something that I would’ve made. It also reminded me of stuff I used to listen to a few years ago and still listen to now. It reminds me of the type of music that got me into playing music and got me to play an instrument and new stuff.


How long did the album take to create from start to finish? (writing/recording/producing/mixing)

All man we have been writing it for months and months prior to it before, I think we went in with 15 songs or something like that and it took about 6 months writing all that and we had a lot of changes within the studio as well. We were in the studio for about three and a half weeks so a lot of thing changed. There were a lot of songs written in the studio. “Just As I Am” was a completely different song, when I brought in all the guitar parts then Will our producer who recorded this album said hey lets try this with the rhythm you have for this guitar lets try to run it as just a bass line. It all came together to be something completely better then we could’ve expected. 


Although you’re classified as a pop-punk band, Would you say that your sound has changed with this new album?

Yes, it has changed on this album definitely. We were never like trying to be a pop-punk band it just sorta happened and then you know as you get older and grow as a musician you either phase into things or you phase out of things. I think on this album we just phased out of the writing styles we had before. This is actually my first album actually taking part in the writing/recording process as I actually joined the band about 3 years ago as they went in to record the record Hard Feelings. So I mean everyone sorta had their own little part and every of course has grown since the last album. Its geared more towards an alternative rock sound for sure. 


Do you think that bands should be labeled into these categories that they like to call genres or do you think that every band should just have their own sound and be able to change it as they feel is necessary making their own unique genre?

If a band wants to change their sound, I personally say hey fuck it go for it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying Hey I don’t like the way this turned out on this record lets try to write something better and better. I don’t mind that Genre’s exist but I think be able to say They’re Rock band, They’re a great Punk Band, etc… I think being able to label the style of music is good and you need it to sort of have a definition to what people are writing. I don’t think that if you’re in a genre I don’t see a problem with stepping out of that genre every now and then and trying something new.  


If you had to choose 1 song to debut your music to a new fan that has never heard of Major League before. What song would you choose to debut that new fan to your music and why?

I would probably choose Little Eyes because all around I love the lyrics to that song that Brian put down for it. I love the guitar leads that Matt  put down for it and I really like Luke’s groovy drums on it. Its a really good song cause when I listen to it, I think its a song that people would have a hard time to not bob their head around to it. 


Is there anything else you want to say to your fans and Where can your fans find you online?

You can find us online at on Twitter and Instagram @MajorLeagueNJ. Anyone who is reading this that hasn’t heard of us check us out and if you have listened to us, we appreciated the continued support from you all! Thank you! 


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