Maggie Miles; Photo Courtesy of Paris Visone/Hellooo TV
Maggie Miles; Photo Courtesy of Paris Visone/Hellooo TV

Maggie Miles Talks About Her New Album ‘Am I Drowning or Am I Just Learning to Swim’ and Upcoming Hellooo TV Album Release Concert

Maggie Miles released her debut album, Am I Drowning or Am I Just Learning to Swim, on Wednesday (Aug. 26). Miles is a 21-year-old alternative singer-songwriter from Virginia.

This Friday, August 28, you can catch her energy-filled album release concert event on Hellooo TV, it’s a show you don’t want to miss and one that Miles says she is “still sore” from recording.

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Miles about the new album, some of her musical influences and her upcoming Hellooo TV performance this Friday, August 28. You can read our full Q&A below.

With the covid-19 pandemic still going artists are forced off the road, how have you been keeping sane during quarantine?

Well, this question is assuming that I indeed have kept sane…ha ha. Ha. No, it’s been a really inspiring time. You’re sort of forced to be pretty introspective due to the lack of social encounters, so that in turn lends to some heavy writing. At least in my case. It hasn’t been too bad, I do of course miss playing live though. Being on the road is a space that I feel very free to express creativity in a very serendipitous manner you really can’t ever guess how a show will play out. You’re generating an experience only felt in that room, for those people, for that period of time. You can attempt to replicate it, but it’s pretty difficult night to night.

When the energy is present, the energy is present.

What are some things you are doing to stay creative while off the road?

I’ve been taking a lot of photos on my Minolta (film camera) and have recently downloaded photoshop, so I’ve been having some fun designing merch & other graphics revolving around the aesthetic for the album.

You released your debut album, Am I Drowning or Am I Just Learning How to Swim, on Wednesday, how does it feel to finally put out your debut effort?

It has been absolutely…well..actually I don’t know yet? I’m grateful. Thankfulness has been the primary emotion or, action…that my brain has seemed to sit with. But, as far as how it “feels” I’ll probably have a better answer sometime next year. That’s usually the band of time I tend to process things after they occur.

Could you talk to us about the writing, recording and production process of the album?

Yeah! It was a blast. Definitely a culmination of different bedrooms that they were written in, my own included. Most of the songs started as a song I wrote with the producer in the room that we laid down as a “demo”, except, I don’t really believe in demos. So, every time I’d just end up wanting to take it out to the full extent I could and then end up releasing it.

Could you pick the most meaningful song on the record and tell us the story behind it?

“My Motivation Died,” is probably the one I’m connecting to the most currently. The story is pretty laid out for you, go give it a listen.

You released three singles ahead of the release of this album including “Swim,” “WHATISTODAY?,” and “Deserve This,” do you feel these songs best showcase the album, if so how?

I guess? When listening, the record as a whole is heavily diverse. So, I feel that if I had put out one single it truly only sonically showcased that specific song. But I think those three were pretty solid choices!

Who are some of your biggest influences when creating music?

Aw man, well…other than my own life events and decisions. I believe The 1975 pushes the envelope in all the right ways. So, I admire what they do with their space.

On Friday (Aug. 28), you’re performing your album release party on Hellooo TV which will broadcast on Facebook and YouTube and on Music Mayhem and Whiskey Jam social media. What can fans most look forward to about the show? 

Me developing arthritis probably. I’m still sore.

Is this show your first performance with your band since quarantine hit? What are you most looking forward to?

It is! It was a blast, I guess just people hearing the new tunes “live”.

What can we expect in your set list? Are you going to play the album from front to back? Throwing in any covers? 

It’s actually completely covers. I don’t like playing my original music.

What is next for you in 2020?

More music for sure, and hopefully some shows here soon.

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