Macklemore releases the video for his original holiday song “It’s Christmas Time.” The song features UK soul singer Dan Caplen doing his best Bing Crosby-worthy croon, as well as Macklemore’s eldest daughter Sloane. “It’s Christmas Time” is co-produced by Tyler Dopps and Josh “Budo” Karp. The video is directed by Jason Koenig and was shot in Macklemore’s hometown of Seattle. Macklemore will perform the song on Ellen Wednesday, December 18.

YouTube video

Macklemore says of the video,

“At some point every holiday season, while watching Home Alone and drinking hot chocolate, the same idea hits me. ‘You are the grown rap version of Kevin McCallister. Now act like it and make a Christmas song.’ So I did. And most people are calling it ‘The 2nd best Christmas song behind “Jingle Bell Rock” and right before “Silent Night” and waaaayyy better than “Little Drummer Boy.”’ While this might be true, it was important for me to make a visual that backed up this claim. So I did. And it’s crazy. It’s like Jurassic Park in the snow without the budget for dinosaurs. But the video doesn’t even need them. It has the holiday spirit in every frame. The true purpose and meaning of Christmas. To give, to celebrate and to take back that sweater and end up with store credit at Macy’s. We must not forget the magic and that in the end it’s all about giving. You’re welcome.”

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