LVVRS Release Music Video for “Iconic”

What does it mean to be iconic? That’s what the band LVVRS (River Gibson, Brenon Wilson, Austin Dore, and Robbie Buisson) wants you to think about with their latest single, “Iconic.” Something or someone iconic is greater than excellence and has, through force of integrity and charisma, become a living symbol. Those who shoot for iconic status are looking to always be remembered, and they MUST carry themselves accordingly if they want to be remembered for positive things.

Although the members of LVVRS would never call themselves iconic, they have the confidence to be. With this catchy and punchy track, we can truly say this pop/rock band is iconic. With their “iconic” talent, these guys from the Southern region of Louisiana are making a name for themselves universally.


Like a lot of their other songs, (“Cry For Me,” “Dreams” and “Rev”) “Iconic” is a song that gets you moving, whether it be in the club or just jamming out in your bedroom. With lyrics like, “Won’t you come around, party at my house / Light me up, we keep it iconic,” and “Drink it up and selfie like models,” you can sense the energetic vibe of the song just by the lyrics.

But to really sense the vibe, you’re just going to have to listen and watch the music video for the track for “Iconic” yourself.

Watch the music video for “Iconic” below:

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