Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Opry Extras
Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Opry Extras on YouTube

Luke Bryan Says He “Snuck In” To His First Grand Ole Opry Tour And Almost Had Security Called

Following his Grand Ole Opry performance, Luke Bryan shared the story of a time that he and his guitar player, Michael, “accidentally” snuck into an Opry tour.

In the first edition of Opry Extras with host Natalie Stovall of Runaway June on Saturday, August 15, Bryan shared that he and his guitarist snuck their first Grand Ole Opry tour many years ago.

“The first time I ever toured the Grand Ole Opry, Me and my guitar player, who was just up here with me, we accidentally snuck in,” Bryan revealed.

Bryan continued to explain how it all went down; He and Michael were there to purchase tickets for a tour later that evening but noticed a line of about 50 guests going in, so they just went with them.

“Accidentally, We saw a tour group, a big line and we were out front and there was this line of people coming in, you know like fifty people,” says Bryan. “So, we’re like oh they’re just going in to see the Opry, so we just tailed in,” Bryan continued to explain. “When we get in the Opry and we’re like up here [on stage], we look on everybody’s wrist and everybody’s got a yellow wristband on and we’re like ‘we have snuck onto a paid Opry tour.'”

As Bryan and Stovall sat upon the Opry stage in front of an empty venue, Bryan explained that security hadn’t been called on he and his guitarist even though they didn’t have wristbands or tickets for the tour. However, after the tour ended they didn’t leave, they took in the view of the iconic empty venue for 40 minutes to an hour before leaving.

“We were in, Security hadn’t been called yet so we got to tour everything and then once the tour was over, Michael and I just sat there for like 40 minutes to an hour with it like this. Like we didn’t walk out when the tour left, we just sat there and looked around and took it in,” Bryan added. “We were [originally] coming out here to buy the tickets to come later that night. So we were buying our tickets and we’re like oh what are they doing? So we’re like doo doo doo doo doo and so, I guess whatever the ticket price is back then, I guess I owe the Opry about, I don’t know sixteen bucks.”

“I think you’ve made up for that at this point,” Stovall joked replying to Bryan’s comment.

Watch Bryan’s full Opry Extras interview with Stovall below.

Bryan performed on the Opry stage earlier in the evening with fellow country superstar Darius Rucker ahead of the Opry Extras interview, you can watch their performances below.

If you would like to tour the legendary Grand Ole Opry, tickets are available for purchase HERE.

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