Luke Bryan Says He Has “Scars” From Being “Tortured” By His Wife Caroline’s Pranks

Luke Bryan have an ongoing prank war with his wife Caroline and it’s been well-documented on video shared on social media.

“I get tortured. I get literally tortured,” said Bryan in a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights. “I have scars from her pranks.”

The country superstar’s wife has shared several different pranks that she’s done to Bryan over the last few months and each of them are hysterical. On April 30, Caroline hid in their cupboard above the refrigerator at their beautiful beach home in Florida.

The Bryan’s nephew, Til, put Caroline up into the kitchen cupboard above the refrigerator. Til then tells his Uncle Luke that they needed some parmesan cheese for dinner and asked him to get it but as the “One Margarita” singer was searching for the cheese, his wife popped out of the cupboard above his head, scaring him causing him to jump and he throws his beer across the room out of fear. Caroline shared the clip of her scaring Bryan on Instagram where Bryan commented “I can’t take this abuse anymore.” You can see the video below.

The prank was in response to Bryan’s prank on his wife, where he blew a train horn that he had connected to his truck while she was riding her bike unaware causing her to fall off her bike and tumble off the road.

“The beauty of that one was it was spontaneous,” he recalled to Taste Of Country Nights. “It just happened. It was like, ‘Oh by God, there’s my wife on a bicycle and I have a train horn,’ so I flipped my switch and train-horned her — and then I’m like, ‘Oh, that went better than planned.'”

The couple’s prank wars date back to their time in college and have continued through their adulthood.

Bryan’s new album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Hereis set to release on Friday (August 7).

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