Luke Bryan Recalls When Morgan Wallen Surprised In Nashville: “We’ve Never Heard A Crowd That Loud”

Country Music megastar Luke Bryan recently joined Storme Warren on SiriusXM’s The Highway to speakout about his electrifying Nashville show that included Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, and Morgan Wallen that took place on Friday, July 30.

During the intimate interview, the “One Margarita” singer walked Warren through how the star-studded evening came about. As Bryan comes across as a confident entertainer, he shares that he often gets anxious when reaching out to his famous friends.

Luke Bryan; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Luke Bryan; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

“I get a lot of anxiety when I start calling my country music buddies, and I start putting them on the spot to come to a show,” shares Bryan to Warren on The Highway. “And I just get anxiety, and so, it was like Tuesday, and I called Jason [Aldean], and I said, ‘Hey, what are you doing Friday night? Are you even in town?’ and he goes, ‘Luke, I’m shooting a music video downtown on Friday that wraps at 9:00 pm.’ So I’m like, ‘Do you want to come to do some songs?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah,” he adds about the text message conversation.

After Aldean was on board to perform live, the award-winning artist received another unexpected message from his pal Tyler Hubbard who was ‘dying to see a show.’ So, without any hesitation, Bryan invited the Florida Georgia Line member to bring down the house.

Before Bryan and his gang took center stage, Morgan Wallen reached out to Bryan’s manager to score a spot in the dream-like lineup. “An hour before the show, Morgan Wallen texted my manager, and he’s like ‘hey, I’ve got my kid, but I’m not going to have my kid in a min, we’re doing the kid swap,’ Bryan told the radio show. “And my manager goes, ‘well come by.’ But then I was like, ‘well, do you want to get up there [on stage]?”

Wallen’s return back into the limelight took country music fans by storm, as Bridgestone Arena was overtaken by a thunderous applause and roaring screams by the excited concert-goers. “Morgan came out, and then people went wild, and it was really special to be on the stage, and it was really, really loose and fun. I think I had to pay a nice venue fee because II went over the allotted time,” recalls Bryan about the spontaneous moment.

Following the show, Bryan, Aldean and Hubbard got together backstage and discussed the deafening applause and cheers as Wallen entered the stage, a moment he dubbed “magical” and said that it was the loudest crowd he’s ever heard in his life.

“After the show me, Tyler and Jason, we got together and we’ve never heard a crowd that loud, I mean, I’ve never heard anything like it in my life,” Bryan gushed. “Morgan came out and then people went wild and it was really special to be on the stage and it was really, really loose and really really fun. I think I had to pay a nice venue fee because I went over the allotted time.”

Bryan also shared that he had a friend attend the show who is a big fan of rock bands like Megadeth and Metallica and he told Bryan that he’s never heard a crowd scream that loud during any show he’s been to.

“I’ve got a Doctor buddy of mine, we went and did a show in Orange Beach the next night and my Doctor buddy was like he was a ’90s Megadeth and Metallica followed them everywhere,” Bryan explained to the SiriusXM host. “He’s like ‘Luke, I’ve never heard a crowd that loud.’ I need to talk to my front of house guy and see if we had a decibel meter to see what it was. It was a magical thing and I can tell you that night when I laid down in my bed I said that may have been the most fun I’ve ever had on stage.”

The fast-rising star was originally slated to appear as direct support on Bryan’s Proud To Be Right Here Right Here Tour. However, he removed himself from the tour after a controversial video of him using a racial slur surfaced online. 

Wallen came back with a bang and performed his chart-topping hits “More Than My Hometown” and “Whiskey Glasses.” Following his two fan-favorite songs, he joined Aldean, Bryan, and Hubbard to sing Aldean’s track “She’s Country.

The group cover was not the only collaboration fans witnessed that night, as Bryan and Hubbard performed their own rendition of “This Is How We Roll,” and then Aldean took it among himself to sing “The Only Way I Know” with the two. 

The sold-out show was full of other monumental moments, as Bryan shared a connection with a teenage fan with Cerebral Palsy – you can read more about the heartwarming encounter here.

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