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Louis Tomlinson Assists Fulfill 83-year-old’s Bucket-list After Losing Wife to Alzheimer’s

Louis Tomlinson has released a new video on YouTube, where he assists in fulfilling an 83-year-old named Richard’s bucket-list after losing his wife to Alzheimer’s. Tomlinson has recently dealt with his own tragedies and loss within his life with the loss of both his mother and sister at young ages.

Tomlinson said that the 83-year-old widower “had a few things he wanted to do, so I thought I’d help him out.” In the video, Richard starts by saying that “you might as well make the best of what you got,” even through the pain of losing his beloved wife. “Two years this Christmas she’ll be gone,” Richard says, as beautiful pictures of his family flood across the screen. He and his wife Pat were married for several decades and lost her to Alzheimer’s disease.

The video seems to serve as a music video for Tomlinson’s single “Two Of Us,” which was released just a little bit ago, and in the video you can see Tomlinson fulfilling Richard’s dreams of flying a helicopter, racing in race cars, riding roller-coasters and then the ultimate dream of Richard’s was to sing to an arena as his late wife Pat loved his singing and Tomlinson fulfilled that dream as well for Richard as he performed in front of Tomlinson’s fans in an arena.

“This video feels particularly relevant and powerful to me,” Tomlinson says. “Richard is a classic example of a fearless man who in light of tragedy still pushes himself to live with as much laughter and happiness as possible.”

Check out the video below:

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