Louis Knight; Photo by James Foley Photography
Louis Knight; Photo by James Foley Photography

Louis Knight Debuts New Song “Twisted Conversations,” A Song Inspired By a Real-Life Event

Louis Knight debuted his first post-American Idol single “Twisted Conversations” on Monday (July 6).

“Twisted Conversations” was inspired by a real-life event, where romance meets friendship and the sort of twisted things that happen in between that as you can’t act on the feelings you may have for the person as you don’t want to ruin a friendship.

“One New Year’s Eve, one of my good friend’s sisters and I hit it off. It didn’t really go down well with him,” Knight explained to 6ABC. “So, I kind of wrote it inspired by the idea of having a connection with someone and you can’t act on those feelings.”

“Twisted Conversations, my heads spinning while we’re blazing, drinking on the sofa while all our friends are wasted, lately i’ve been feeling like it’s kind of understated, my God you look amazing,” sings Knight in the songs opening.

Knight says that the upbeat, piano-driven song was written and recorded from home during quarantine, as the novel coronavirus pandemic has shut most things down temporarily.

“It was weird because I hadn’t really written in about six months,” Knight explained. “I didn’t have that much time to write while I was on the show. So now, I have a lot more time to self reflect and to just sit down at the piano because there’s nothing else going on.”

The Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter says that he has plans to release new songs every six weeks or so, so make sure you stay tuned for that. He recently teased in a livestream that he will soon be recording a song entitled “Maybe That” and releasing it in the next six weeks.

You can hear the new song “Twisted Conversations” by Knight below.

Knight recently finished in the Top 7 on American Idol.

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