Lords Of Acid Heat Up The TLA In Philly, Exclusive Interview

Talk about taking us right back to our days of hitting the local area clubs on goth/industrial night!  Lords of Acid, along with tour mates Orgy, The Genitorturers, Little Miss Nasty, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse put on a show…


Kristyn Clarke


Posted on March 18, 2019

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Photo: Brian Wild Photography

Talk about taking us right back to our days of hitting the local area clubs on goth/industrial night!  Lords of Acid, along with tour mates Orgy, The Genitorturers, Little Miss Nasty, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse put on a show that was like taking a trip (albeit a sensual, raw and adventurous one) down memory lane that was a whirlwind of pure adrenaline and blazing industrial beats.

The show opened up with a set from Minneapolis rockers Gabriel and the Apocalypse and they immediately took control of the room performing a hard rocking set that included material off their latest album release “The Ghost Parade”. Vocalist Lindy Gabriel has such power in her vocal style and their music is the perfect blend of hard rock with industrial overtones that they perfectly set the mood for the rest of the evenings’ performers.

Next, to take the stage was the hypnotizing and deliciously erotic Little Miss Nasty, who actually performed two sets during the evening. Little Miss Nasty is made up of a group of gorgeous dancers from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas and they put on highly choreographed performance that could best be described as heavy metal burlesque. While they do have some original songs, most of their set consisted of sexy and seductive dance moves set to the sounds of bands such as Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails and more.

After needing a few minutes to catch our breath after Little Miss Nasty, the Genitorturers took to the stage with their high energy mix of punk rock and industrial beats. You can never be quite sure what you are going to get with a Genitorturers performance, but just know that it will be absolutely wild.  Their stage show featured whips and chains, stilt-walking, topless dancers and adult toys galore. In fact, we believe we even spotted a spark grinder at one point during their show! The audience went wilds for songs such as “Devil In A Bottle” and “Sin City” and their performance is one that will not be easily forgotten.

Photo: Brian Wild Photography

Furthering our journey into industrial madness, Orgy took the stage and performed a set that was chock full of material that spanned their over twenty-year history together. We can’t even believe it has been that long, however, frontman Jay Gordon, who had just recovered from an injury, was jetting back and forth all over the stage in a frenzy. We were thrilled to hear some of our favorite songs such as “Dissension”, “G-Face”, “Stitches” and of course their set closer “Blue Monday”.  It was also great to hear the band sprinkle in some new material as well. Orgy truly rocked the house and from the frenzied crowd, it was hard to believe that we had not yet even gotten to the evening’s headliners yet.

The crowd went wild once Lords Of Acid took the stage and the current line-up of members who make up the band led by founding member Praga Khan are utterly fantastic. Erhan Kurken, Marieke Bresseleers, Sin Quirin, Galen Waling, and Dietrich Thrall were all amazing and opening with “Sex Bomb” was a real treat. Vocalist Marieke Bresseleers has some pipes to die for and listening to her belt out songs off the band’s latest album released “Pretty In Kink” such as “Our Little Secret” and ‘Break Me” was magical. We were jumping and dancing throughout the Lords Of Acids entire set.  Both Marieke and Praga did an amazing job at interacting with the crowd and at one point even brought the ladies from the audience up on the stage to join them for the band’s hit single (and the song everyone was dying to hear) “P*ssy”.  The time flew by during their performance and before we knew our night was coming to an end.

If you are looking for a fun night of industrial rhythms, hilarious sexual innuendo and just a plain old good time then be sure to get out and catch the ‘Pretty In Kink’ tour which will sadly be wrapping up on March 27th, but we are certain there will definitely be more to come.

We had a chance to catch up Lords of Acid founding member Praga Khan and vocalist Marieke Bresseleers prior to their show to discuss the band’s new album, live performances, the current tour, changes in the music scene and just what’s coming next for Lords Of Acid. We are also super excited to reveal that Praga Khan exclusively revealed to us that highly requested acoustic album from Lords of Acid will definitely be what they will begin working on next and we couldn’t be more excited!

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