Just about two weeks after shutting down the Parkway in Philadelphia at Made In America with an explosive performance that brought a sea of fans to the Liberty Stage, LIZZO returned to Philadelphia with her incredibly successful, Cuz I Love You Too Tour. Bringing an uplifting, positive, stunning showcase of her new album, Cuz I Love You, to Philadelphia’s The Met. This time was no different from the last, with a sea of fans coming to see a show that would soon blow them away, as Lizzo took fans to worship her as if they were at church, as she performed to the massive sold out crowd of several thousand fans that were lucky enough to secure a ticket into the show.

Lizzo brings out a unique positive energy to her live shows, it seems that everyones leaves their problems, issues and concerns at the door upon entering the venue as it seems everyone had a smile on their face throughout the entire show. And from the sounds of their roaring sing-a-long’s to each and every song on Lizzo’s 16-song set list especially notable during songs like “Cuz I Love You,” “Worship,” “Tempo,” “Boys,” “Good As Hell” and of course Lizzo’s current smash hit song “Truth Hurts” that is currently the No. 1 song in the country. I can honestly say that her crowd was louder than any shows that I have been too as Lizzo’s live energy is infectious as fans danced the night away. Lizzo’s talent didn’t stop at her incredible vocals or her live energy though, as fans went wild when she pulled out and did a flute solo during “Truth Hurts.”


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The Met quickly turned into the House of Lizzo as fans worshipped her in awe as Lizzo joked with the fans and showcased why she turned from rapper to pop superstar in the last 9-months as her single “Truth Hurts” dominates the radio across the world and tops the charts for weeks. This performance marks Lizzo’s third show in Philadelphia since the release of her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, and each time it only gets better and better as fans continue to adore the music and positivity that Lizzo represents. From body positivity to giving fans a place to get away from their trouble and help them through hard times with her music, Lizzo is continuing to empower men and woman alike around the world through her music and her lifestyle.

Lizzo brought along more than just a concert, but a movement, watching her become a superstar so rapidly and she definitely proved why she rose to the top so quickly, as she gave a performance we will not soon forget full of empowering anthemic hit songs and a contagious live energy that just made you dance along. The crowd ranged from children to grandparents and spanned all different ages, sizes, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexualities. But at this show everyone was embraced and loved as Lizzo made known to her fans throughout the show and especially noted during her single “Good As Hell.” Her music celebrates self-love and what makes each of us different and puts what some people would consider flaws into the spotlight to love.

Lizzo’s Setlist:
1. Heaven Help Me
2. Worship
3. Cuz I Love You
4. Exactly How I Feel
5. Scuse Me
6. Water Me
7. Jerome
8. Crybaby
9. Tempo
10. Boys
11. Like a Girl
12. Soulmate
13. Lingerie
14. Good As Hell
15. Truth Hurts
16. Juice

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