LISTEN: Callista Clark & Jimmie Allen Join Forces For “Wish You Wouldn’t” Duet

The two joined forces to offer fans an accompanying music video for the post-break up track, “Wish You Wouldn’t.”


Ally Roden


Posted on January 31, 2023

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Jimmie Allen, Callista Clark; Photo by Alexa Campbell

After a successful run of her debut album REAL TO ME: THE WAY I FEEL, country riser Callista Clark drops the deluxe edition of the project! The expanded set includes four new versions of previously shared tracks, featuring a duet with Grammy nominated country megastar Jimmie Allen, “Wish You Wouldn’t.”

Clark and Allen provide a fresh take on the standout track, as the pair harmonize with lyrics, “You’ll pick up your phone/ Thinkin’ you should call me up/ ‘Cause you’re wonderin’ how I’ve been (No, no)/ And you’ll say you’re still in love/ Oh, I wish you wouldn’t (I wish you wouldn’t)/ ‘Cause you know you shouldn’t (You know you shouldn’t)/ You’ll say you couldn’t help it, but you’re really bein’ selfish/ So I wish you wouldn’t (I wish you wouldn’t).”

The two joined forces to offer fans an accompanying music video for the post-break up track. Watch the official video for “Wish You Wouldn’t” featuring Jimmie Allen below.

YouTube video

“Having Jimmie Allen on ‘Wish You Wouldn’t’ is a literal dream come true,” gushed Callista. “He was the only person I wanted for that song — he brings such an effortlessly smooth charm to the song. I’m still ecstatic he said ‘yes’!”

“I love diving into all types of projects and experimenting with different artists so I was honored Callista asked me to jump on this song—I’m grateful to be a part of her journey,” added Allen. “We met out on the road years ago and she has become like a little sister to me. She is an incredible talent and I loved getting to play with the variation between the fast and slow vocals—it’s a fun song to sing.”


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Produced by three-time Grammy award-winning Nathan Chapman, Clark’s debut album boasts collaborations with accomplished songwriters including Laura Veltz, Emily Shackleton, Liz Rose, Chris DeStefano and Jimmy Robbins. Co-writing all 10 tracks, the Zebulon, GA native proves that her success at such a young age is anything but a fluke with her powerful project.


  1. “It’s ‘Cause I Am” | Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, Laura Veltz
  2. “Gave It Back Broken” | Callista Clark, Emily Shackelton
  3. “Change My Mind” | Callista Clark, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton
  4. “Worst Guy Ever” | Callista Clark, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Weisband
  5. “Brave Girl” | Callista Clark, Ben Johnson, Emily Landis
  6. “Wish You Wouldn’t” | Callista Clark, Emily Falvey, Lalo Guzman
  7. “Heartbreak Song” | Callista Clark, Chris DeStefano, Liz Rose, Emily Shackelton
  8. “Don’t Need It Anymore” | Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, Melissa Peirce
  9. “Sad” | Callista Clark, Sarah Buxton, Jimmy Robbins
  10. “Real To Me” | Callista Clark, Casey Robert Brown, Laura Veltz
  11. “Wish You Wouldn’t (featuring Jimmie Allen)”
  12. “Gave It Back Broken (Piano Version)”
  13. “It’s ‘Cause I Am (Live At Vevo)”
  14. “Real To Me (The Vocals)”
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