Linus In The Sapphire – Free Sleep (Album Review)

Linus in the sapphire FREE SLEEP album review FREE SLEEP is the debut EP from NYC born, Philly based ‘dream-pop’ rockers Linus in the Sapphire. To describe their style in just one word is impossible, their style can’t be pigeonholed! They mix elements from all styles; rock, industrial, funk, jazz and even classical, and that’s just hitting the tip of the iceberg! The band itself consists of Laura Fisher and Mike Britt, and on occasion a live drummer and/or bassist; but mainly rely on each other and their instrumental abilities and other various electronic instruments. FREE SLEEP is a short EP, six tracks all roughly 4 minutes long which makes for a very easy listen. While it’s a turnaround from what we usually listen to and review, don’t let their multi-genre description throw you off! Even with the short length of the EP, they’ve included a great balance of tracks that are more chilled out such as Clever Dolphin and to get your toe tapping and have you singing along before you know it; Wait for the End of the World. Fisher and Britt’s voices harmonize so well to form beautifully composed lyrics, you don’t see that kind of harmony too much these days.

Rating: 3.5/5- All around, a great listen! FREE SLEEP is, to me, something to listen to at the end of your work day, have a beer (or whatever, I’m a beer gal myself) and relax to. If you’re the type of person who falls asleep to music playing, I would suggest this EP, let Laura and Mike lull you into dreamland, in a good way of course! I didn’t think I’d like it, for whatever reason, but after a few listens, and opening my mind a little more, I found it was really great! And just by looking on social media, Laura and Mike look like very genuine people, which again is awesome! Be sure to purchase FREE SLEEP on their bandcamp for $5. Also be sure to go out and see them at BEARDFEST 2014 in Hammonton, NJ on June 13th! Be sure to ‘LIKE’ them on facebook and ‘follow’ them on Twitter @inthesapphire to keep up with the latest news!

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