Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park sings a possible new song coming from Linkin Park called “Looking For An Answer” as he mentioned during their live broadcast of their Linkin Park and Friends Life Celebration of Chester Bennington. Shinoda tells the audience, “that if Linkin Park continues, they will continue to build on the song and share updates with fans,” He continued to say “if they don’t, then it will be a song that will only live tonight with the fans watching at the Hollywood Bowl and across the world online.” This song “Looking For An Answer” was written just eight days after Chester Bennington unexpectedly passed away as Shinoda told the fans watching and attending.

“There’s an emptiness tonight, A hole that wasn’t there before and I keep reaching for the light but I can’t find it anymore. There’s an emptiness tonight, a heavy hand that pulls me down. They say it’s gonna be alright, but can’t begin to tell me how. And I ask myself out loud, Have I been lost all along? Was there something I could say or something I should not have done?” Some of the lyrics from the song “Looking For An Answer.”


Listen to the song that was broadcasted in the live stream below:

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